PBA Announces 2013 Minerva Beauty Cosmetology Scholarship Winners

The Professional Beauty Association (PBS) announced the winners of the Minerva Beauty Cosmetology Scholarships. With more than 120 applicants, the scholarship committee awarded five students, who are currently enrolled in an accredited cosmetology program, with $1,000. The recipients, included Shannon Braunschwieg (Randolph, WI), Sergio Estrada (Chicago, IL), Erin Nieli (Lantona, FL), Tricey Wilks (West Lafayette, IN), and Andrea Yocky (Venice, CA), who will be honored at a scholarship presentation at the 2014 International Salon and Spa Expo (Long Beach, CA). "Minerva Beauty is honored to have this opportunity to provide cosmetology scholarships,” says Jay Rawl, president of Minerva Beauty. “Education plays a huge role in the beauty business, and we are thrilled to be able to support hard working students dedicated to their education."