CoveyClub Appoints Anna Moine Spa Ambassador

Spa consultant and former beauty industry exec Anna L. Moine has joined the team at CoveyClub, a virtual and in-person club platform for women to gather and connect. As spa ambassador, Moine will plan and execute spa retreats for members of CoveyClub to meet and share ideas, life experiences, and challenges in a close-knit setting.

“I am honored to join the flock and this opportunity will all me to combine my love of spa and my unrelenting efforts at supporting women achieve their potential both professionally and personally in an intimate and uplifting environment,” says Moine.

Moine brings with her more than 25 years of experience within the spa and wellness industries as both a business owner and consultant. In her new role, Moine’s customized programming and activities will be centered on instructive and motivating themes and will take place at a number of prestigious resorts and destination spas across the country.

CoveyClub was founded by Lesley Jane Seymour, former editor-in-chief of More magazine. Upon the closure of More, Seymour was approached by a number of her social media followers who wanted to continue reading her work. She surveyed 627 of them to uncover what it was that they were looking for in terms of content, and shortly after CoveyClub was born. Today, CoveyClub serves as an affordable launch platform for solopreneurs and small businesses to come test new products and ideas in a warm and thoughtful atmosphere.

Moine first connected with Seymour after meeting at American Spa’s inaugural Women in Wellness Leadership Conference in New York City. Interested spas who would like to explore partnership opportunities should contact Moine at [email protected].


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