Get to Know Laura Gerchik, General Manager at Biologique Recherche

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Get to know Laura Gerchik, general manager of Biologique Recherche in the U.S., in our most recent Spa Talk


How many years have you been involved in the spa and hospitality industry?  What path led you to the industry?

I have worked in the spa industry for  years. Prior to this position, while living in Paris, I was approached by Josette Allouche – Dr. Allouche’s mother, and a founder of Biologique Recherche -– to join the company and run the U.S. operations. I knew and loved Biologique Recherche, and after meeting with the second generation of owners I was looking forward to getting involved with the brand.
It was an exciting opportunity to build upon the brand’s beautiful history and establish that in the United States. We’ve focused on redefining a strategy to drive growth and share our passion with others. I started in September of 2013, but I sometimes feel like I’ve been here forever.
What is your proudest accomplishment?

To watch the brand and my team grow. I am proud to have contributed to our expanded presence in the U.S., and to know that in turn more people have the opportunity to experience Biologique Recherche’s unique approach to skincare through our increasing partnerships nationally and internationally (we are now in 77 countries).

I attribute our success in the U.S. to the wonderful team I have built here. I am fortunate to continue growing my team with amazing talent, that share my passion for the brand. Together with our amazing team in France, whether in R&D, communications or at the spa we have a recipe for success.
What has surprised you most about working in the spa industry?

The diversity of backgrounds and genuine passion of everyone in this industry – from estheticians, to spa owners, to my colleagues at Biologique Recherche. I feel privileged every day to work in a field with such wonderful and passionate people. For a company that is still very much a family business, I’m amazed that we remain on the cutting edge of skincare while simultaneously holding true to the founders’ unique vision. In essence we’ve grown, but we haven’t aged in 40 years.

Where do you think the industry is heading?

I think the  industry is now beginning to understand its role and the part it plays in the larger picture that is ultimately wellness. In addition there is an increasing amount of crossover between spa and medical spa offerings.

Laura Gerchik, general manager, Biologique Recherche U.S.
    Laura Gerchik, general manager, Biologique
Recherche U.S.

Biologique Recherche was founded by a doctor and physiotherapist, merging both a clinical and esthetic approach to skin which positions us well within the two environments. Our methodology is clinically anchored, focused on a comprehensive approach to hyper-customized skincare. We have developed and integrated our results driven approach for the face, body and scalp, and deliver tangible results, which clients are increasingly demanding of.

In addition, with the help of Wellness for Cancer, Biologique Recherche has adapted our methodology to serve those who have been touched by all different forms of cancer. Every single treatment protocol has been tested and adapted to serve clients who have or have had cancer, in function of cancer type, cancer therapy, surgery involved and long-term conditions. Furthermore, every product has been scrutinized – this is something that has never been offered before in our industry, and we’re thrilled to be able to provide services to those who need it most.
What’s your favorite skincare ingredient?

I don't have any single favorite ingredient, I value the science, research, and development that comes with formulating products for different skin concerns. I love when we unearth a new ingredient which has never yet been used in skincare – like the one we are unveiling at the end of this year!
If you could work in any other profession in the world, what would you be?

Although I’m still fairly a newcomer, I’m happy to have landed in this field – I feel that I have a lot to lend to the industry through my fresh perspective. I enjoy working alongside such incredible and reputed estheticians and spa professionals and I find myself being challenged by the ever-changing industry.

How would you sum up your personal philosophy?

I always try to live up to my personal philosophy, which happens to be my high school yearbook quote: “do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” I hope to contribute and leave a lasting mark in Biologique Recherche, and perhaps in the industry.
How do you like to spend your time away from work?

Though I travel a lot for work, I still love to travel to new places. I find traveling to be inspirational and relaxing. Travel is an incredible way to broaden your horizons and learn about different cultures.

What are your three greatest priorities in life?

My three greatest priorities in life are to live life fully, always continue growing and learning, and to be a great mentor, strong leader, and to make time for the important people in my life.
What’s the best advice you’ve received?

That you must make your own luck. I believe that hard work and proactively seeking opportunities with proper preparation all lead to what others call luck. Ideas and talent are wonderful, but you need a lot of confidence, stamina and resilience to drive change.



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