Meet Carillon Miami Wellness's Director of Spa and Wellness Melissa Fielding

We're chatting with Melissa Fielding, director of spa and wellness at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. // Photo courtesy of Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Meet Melissa Fielding, Director of Spa and Wellness, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort...

How many years have you been involved in the spa/hospitality industry?  
I have been in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years.

What was the path that led you into the spa industry? 
I was asked to step into a spa manager position ‘temporarily’ when the manager who was in the position gave short notice. I ended up staying in that position for four years until I left to open and develop spas.

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of being in the spa industry? 

Most challenging is finding time for everything. I like to be a hands-on manager, but at times, when I am developing and working on new projects, I can’t be on the floor with the team as much as I want. Most rewarding is when I see my ideas and programs come to life.

What is your proudest accomplishment? 
I have done a lot in my career, including opening facilities and growing businesses, but the one thing that makes me most proud is when I have former employees come back to thank me for helping them grow in their own careers. A couple of times in my career, after I have moved on to another position, I have had former employees tell me that I made a difference in their life and something I had said to them stuck with them. Moments like those make all the challenges of management worth it.

What has surprised you most about working in the spa industry? 
When I first started working in the industry, I found it amazing that it was my job to be among other professionals and spend time talking about health, beauty, and lifestyle enrichment. How great is it to work in the industry that not only gives your guests a great experience, but you also learn lots of tips you can share with friends and family to enrich their lives as well?

Where do you think the industry is heading? 
The industry will be even more wellness-focused, taking all aspects of the mind, body, and soul into account when creating a spa experience. People are more aware now that, to truly be well, you need to make sure all three are in balance. Also, with everyone becoming more and more digitally connected, you will see more programs assisting people with removing themselves from their devices and helping them create true connection with themselves and those around them.

What positions have you worked in that you feel have been most influential to your career? 
Working in and opening Qua Baths and Spa in Las Vegas as the operations manager had the most influence on my career thus far. During that time, I found a mentor in my director, Jennifer Lynn, and also found my passion for the spa industry.

What’s the best advice you’ve received? 
Be authentic. In the end, that is what everyone will see.


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