Q & A with Michael G. Tompkins, CEO of Hilton Head Health (SC)

Michael G. Tompkins

Meet Michael G. Tompkins, a 20-year veteran of the spa industry, who is currently CEO of Hilton Head Heath (SC) and chairman of the International Spa Association (ISPA).

How many years have you been involved in the spa and hospitality industry? 

I have been involved in hospitality and spa for almost 20 years.

What has surprised you most about the spa world? 

I’m surprised by how well the younger generations have grabbed hold of incorporating spa into their lives as a necessity not a luxury. And I’m proud as an industry that organizations like ISPA have helped solidify that for us.

Where do you think the industry is heading? 

I’m a firm believer that technology and time efficiency, along with guest demand will bring a new market and clientele to spa. With wellness travel and wellness as buzz words, healthcare entities, doctor groups, and niche market wellness-based facilities like Hilton Head Health will continue to expand our industry and diversify our offerings.

What is the strangest client request you’ve fielded? 

Can I sleep in the same stall as your horses?

What is the most bizarre treatment you’ve experienced? 

I was once boiled in an enclosed tub with only my head sticking out until my body temperature reached 106 F. It made me sick as heck, and I didn’t readily see any physical change.

What new spa treatment would you like to try? 

I have never done cosmetic treatments that use machines except for microderm. I would love to try the body contouring machines out now for the jawline and neck.

What’s your go-to spa treatment? 

Deep tissue massage with a woo-woo therapist who has crazy energy.

If you could work in any other profession in the world, what would it be?

Product think tank ideas team.