Spa Talk with Rena Revivo

Meet Rena Revivo, founder of Spa De Soleil.

How many years have you been involved in the spa/hospitality industry?  

More than 25 years. 


What was the path that led you into the spa industry?

As a child, I had issues with my skin, so naturally I wanted to create products that would effectively address skin ailments and help others feel beautiful in their skin.

What is your proudest accomplishment? 

Creating a certified organic line for my private label business, as well as becoming a USDA Certified facility. 


What has surprised you most about working in the spa industry? 

There is always room for growth and innovation, even after you think you have seen it all.


What’s your favorite skincare ingredient?

I love products with organic extracts and apple fruit stem cells.


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

My wrinkles. That’s why I work so hard to make great skincare products.


How do you like to spend your time away from work? 

I love spending time with my grandchildren and cooking up new dishes.


What are your three greatest priorities in life? 

Family, my business, and my culture and roots.


What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Make the most of every moment because every second that passes is one that you will never get back. 


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