AFS Releases Fitness Studio Reopening Guidelines

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Key safety principles to keep clients and staff fit and healthy

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, May 13, 2020)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today released its fitness studio reopening guidelines in the wake of the COVID-19 virus.  Aimed at keeping clients safe and welcoming them back - when the time is right - has been an on-going effort to ensure the highest level of precaution is taken.

 While completely aware that governmental agencies are wrestling with the same issues, AFS’ guidelines are intended to be fundamental “to-do’s” with the understanding that individual states and cities will have their own specific recommendations.

 “We have been closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and the wide range of directives issued by local health authorities and governmental agencies,” said Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO. “We obviously can’t determine the best timing for our audience to begin opening up, but we can offer guidance for when they do.”

 The AFS guidelines, which can be found here, focus on several core elements including the importance of cleaning, sanitation, ventilation, distancing, proper communication, programming, and leveraging new opportunities, along with safety procedures.  

 “Our industry has been changed forever and no one knows when – or if - it will return to the way it was,” said Leve. “Our job is to empower our audience through education on the best ways to move forward. “It’s time for us to come together and share best practices to ensure we take this critical moment incredibly seriously for the health and safety of all.”

  AFS is especially keen on the importance of these guidelines and the education that comes from alternative ways for studios to generate revenue.  

 “Some clients will be skeptical to return and studios should expect to incur higher cleaning expenses,” said Leve. “Foot traffic will be impacted and expenses will remain high. The good news is there are new ways to operate your business in and we at AFS stand ready to provide that education.”

  For more on AFS’ Reopening Guidelines you may visit the page here. Meanwhile AFS continues to update its Crisis Resource Center on an on-going basis in the wake of the current pandemic.

About AFS 

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