Broad Fit Financial Launched to Serve Fitness Equipment Financing Needs

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Palm Beaches, Fla. (Sept. 20, 2023) — Broad Fit Financial LLC, an equipment finance company dedicated to providing financing for businesses acquiring fitness and related equipment is proud to announce its official launch. A full-service equipment finance solution for the health, wellness, and fitness industries, Broad Fit Financial supports the funding needs of businesses from large corporations to independent for-profit gyms.

“Broad Fit Financial is singularly focused on providing financing solutions that enable businesses in a variety of settings to acquire the fitness and related equipment necessary to offer wellness to their end users,” said Broad Fit Financial President and co-founder Stephanie Taylor. “We recognize the unique financial challenges that businesses face when seeking to procure this type of collateral and have tailored our services to support these specific needs. We bring knowledge, experience and a commitment to supporting the fitness industry.”

The U.S. fitness industry is projected to generate over $30.8 billion in revenue nationwide in 2023. With the growth of fitness and increased focus on health and wellness, Broad Fit Financial provides access to the funds needed for fitness equipment acquisitions. Markets served by the company include real estate developers, commercial office buildings, homeowner associations (HOAs), apartment communities, senior centers, hospitality, country clubs, non-profits (YMCAs and JCCs), municipal entities (community, park and recreation centers), colleges and universities, professional sports, corporate wellness programs and traditional for-profit gyms. 

“Broad Fit Financial is uniquely positioned to support the industry through our collective careers working in varied roles throughout the vendor, lender, and end user sides of the business,” said Broad Fit Financial Vice President and co-founder Daniella Douglas. “This invaluable insight provides us with a deep understanding of the challenges our partners face when it comes to equipment financing and how best to support them.”

Built on a foundation of three decades of industry experience, Broad Fit Financial is led by President Stephanie Taylor. Prior to forming the company, Taylor spent 16 years specializing in the sports, health, and wellness industry while at Cybex and Macrolease. Formed in May 2022, the founders spent a year establishing a solid, customer serving infrastructure and processes necessary to support client needs. 

“We intentionally spent the time building a foundation focused on software, speed, and applicable offerings,” said Taylor. “As a result, we were able to enter the market with impressive capabilities in terms of tech, capacity, and ability to efficiently serve the fitness industry. Since our soft launch in June, we’ve quickly established ourselves as the go-to source of funding for roughly 50 plus equipment distributors throughout the U.S.”

About Broad Fit Financial

Broad Fit Financial LLC is an independent fitness equipment finance company offering funding solutions to businesses acquiring fitness and related equipment within the US. Specializing in the health, wellness, and fitness industries, Broad Fit Financial supports the capital needs of businesses from large corporations to independent for-profit gyms. Founded in 2022, Broad Fit Financial is certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The company maintains membership in IHRSA and NEFA. For more information visit