Burn Boot Camp Eyes 300 Open Locations and Franchise Agreements for Additional 300 Units in 2019

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The Charlotte, North Carolina-based franchise concept is celebrating four years of empowering women through a Community focused on Mindset, Burst Training, Strength Training and Organic Whole Nutrition

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Co-founded in a parking lot by husband-and-wife team Devan and Morgan Kline, fitness franchise Burn Boot Camp aims to give women an empowering place to not only exercise, but to nurture their mental and emotional health as part of a community of like-minded women.

CEO Devan is a former professional baseball player with the San Francisco Giants and COO Morgan brings marketing expertise from her experience at The Kellogg Company to Burn Boot Camp.

"When Morgan and I moved to Charlotte, we had little money and even fewer connections," Devan said. "For $600, we bought some dumbbells and offered for people to train with us for free. Our goal was to create a community of women that could transcend the physical nature of exercise to get the clarity they needed to improve their emotional and mental health. Our first camps took place in a parking lot with 21 women, many of whom are still with us today."

Burn Boot Camp is poised for major growth in the fitness franchise market with clear differentiation in the space. With females as its main demographic, Burn Boot Camp is focused on helping women better themselves so they can improve the quality care for their families and teach their children healthy habits from the start. The concept empowers women through a focus on mindset, nutrition, strength and burst training, and a strong sense of community. In addition to unlimited workout camps, members receive one-on-one focus meetings to set goals and nutrition guidance. Busy mothers can utilize the brand's complimentary childwatch service to make working out more convenient.

The concept quickly gained major traction in Charlotte. Requests from existing members led the Klines to begin franchising in February of 2015, starting with North and South Carolina. Just four years later, Burn Boot Camp has more than 185 locations open, 358 locations sold and 64,000 clients. The corporate team plans to have at least 300 locations open by the end of 2019 with 90,000 members.

"Burn Boot Camp is one of the fastest-growing fitness franchise brands. We own 100 percent of our brand, with no equity partners, and are committed to growing the brand without losing sight of our mission," said Devan. "The goals that we inspire members to achieve are not about losing weight or hitting a certain body fat percentage. The goals that we work with members to set are based on taking care of themselves so they can take care of their families. Our measurement of success is in creating healthy habits and to encourage members to continue coming to camps."

With plenty of prime territories available across North America, Burn Boot Camp is currently looking for qualified franchise partners wanting to make a difference in their communities in Texas, Arizona, California, New York, Florida, Washington, Toronto, ON and Vancouver, B.C.

"Burn Boot Camp's nutrition guidance, focus meetings, camp variety, complimentary childwatch and universal membership policy make us completely unique in the fitness segment," said Burn Boot Camp Vice President of Franchise Development Jolene Purchia. "Franchisees are not stuck investing in treadmills, rowing machines or bikes; the open gym concept affords the option to evolve, purchasing additional equipment as needed."

The investment range for a Burn Boot Camp is $142,330 to $349,150 and those amounts include the franchise fee. The franchise fee for a single unit is $40,000 and $100,000 for a triple unit deal.

In the end, Burn Boot Camp is not just a franchise opportunity. It is a place where women can feel empowered to love themselves.

"The culture of fitness today is completely broken," said Devan. "Only 16 percent of people have gym memberships. The industry is overlooking the underdogs and encouraging unrealistic body types. They're not messaging toward the other 84 percent. We are different because we don't follow any trends. We are a beacon of empowerment, and plan to spread our message through franchise growth."


Burn Boot Camp was founded in 2012 by husband and wife Devan and Morgan Kline in Huntersville, NC. The company began franchising in 2015 and now has more than 185 open locations in 35 states with over 350 locations under agreement to open. Burn Boot Camp highlights five keys to success: Mindset, Burst Training, Strength Training, Organic Whole Nutrition and Community. In 2019, it was ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 list. To learn more about franchising opportunities visit https://franchise.burnbootcamp.com/.