, the Community Commerce Company, Was Named a Top 10 Influencer Marketing Solutions Provider by MarTech Outlook

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For a limited time, will offer its powerful AI Search & Discovery application at no cost to all Brands

REDWOOD CITY, CA, USA, April 13, 2022 / --, the Community Commerce company, has been recognized as one of the top ten Influencer marketing solutions providers in 2022 by MarTech Outlook, a leading marketing technology resource for CMOs, and other marketing and technology executives.’s suite of Community Commerce applications helps brands grow exponentially by uncovering and activating their ardent fans as community leaders. Powered by’s patent-pending AI Engine, MetaAI, the Community Commerce company enables Brands to dramatically and cost-effectively increase sales, customer retention, and Brand engagement.’s Community Commerce solutions provide a comprehensive suite of SaaS applications that enable Brands to rapidly engage and mobilize their loyal fan base to increase the Brand’s overall visibility and drive revenues.

Among the many challenges Brands face is the dramatic decrease in return on ad spend and the rise of fake Influencers, forcing Marketing decision-makers to rethink traditional customer acquisition strategies.’s suite of Community Commerce solutions allows brands to focus on true brand enthusiasts to diversify their ad spend and generate superior results.

“We have experimented with numerous Community Commerce solutions and Influencer Marketing solutions,” said Vicky Pasche, Founder & CEO of Dapper Boi. “Only lets us use video and photos to quickly identify, authenticate, and activate our true brand enthusiasts.’s deep understanding of our requirements made them the ideal partner for Dapper Boi.”

Co-Founder of, Growson Edwards, states, “ is dedicated to helping Brands grow exponentially and cost-effectively through Community Commerce. $3 billion in digital ad spending reportedly failed to reach brand marketing goals in 2021. is squarely focused on identifying and capturing the Brand’s existing and most ardent fans to help Brands diversify their digital ad spending and build sustainable organic growth. Only, with its powerful suite of Community Commerce solutions, enables Marketers to instantly identify, authenticate, and activate “brand enthusiasts” within the Brand’s community of customers, followers, employees, friends & family, and affiliate Brands.

For a limited time, will offer its powerful AI Search & Discovery application at no cost to all Brands. Brand managers will have free access to real, relevant, and reachable influencers within seconds, saving hundreds of hours of research and removing the significant risk of fake followers. Customers can also perform NLP searches, keyword searches, filter influencer lists, and access in-depth CINDEX reports analyzing the individual’s authenticity, relevance, performance, and reachability.

About, the Community Commerce Company, helps Brands grow exponentially by identifying, authenticating, and activating Brand enthusiasts.’s Community Commerce solutions enable brands to dramatically and cost-effectively increase sales, customer retention, and Brand engagement. CIPIO’s award-winning Community Commerce solutions serve leading brands such as World’s Gym, Dapper Boi, Crunch Fitness, Biovanta, Everybody Eat, CryptoCharged, Dlish, FitnessSF, Moehair, and many more.