The Covery Unveils New Location in The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa

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Baton Rouge, LA- The Covery, a lifestyle optimization Wellness Spa brand committed to offering a diverse collection of non-invasive therapies that strengthen both the mind and the body, is gearing up to open their newest location inside The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa in February of 2023. The Covery team is excited to be bringing their services to new clients in a new market in such a unique location.

“At The Houstonian Club, we strive to provide the most value to our members by offering an all-encompassing experience to meet their health and wellness goals,” said Cher Harris, Houstonian Club General Manager. “The Covery aligns with our mission at The Houstonian Club to promote longevity and look at wellness in a new, innovative way. They complete our extensive range of health and fitness services and programs offered at The Houstonian Club, and their innovative services look at wellness in a new light to promote longevity and provide overall wellness for our membership.”

While the fitness industry continues to grow and embrace new trends like HIIT, Yoga, and Pilates, The Covery Wellness Spa recognizes that the recovery process after these types of workouts is just as important as the workout itself. As the brand continued to grow, they realized that this concept applies to more than just those complete physical workouts. The stresses of daily life can be enough to require people to put extra emphasis on their recovery and stress relieving practices. The Covery believes that everyday life can be a sport, so people should have the opportunity to recover with the same technologies traditional athletes do, and The Houstonian Club agrees. For those who work in high stress fields, have multiple issues drawing their attention at home, or just need a little help dealing with the craziness of day-to-day life, mental and physical recovery is essential to wellbeing.

“The Covery Wellness is extremely excited about this partnership,” said Edward Navan, Co-Founder and CVO of The Covery. “Our unique combination of services, which offer a variety of aesthetics, wellness, and health optimization therapies are a perfect fit for The Houstonian. The Covery wellness at The Houstonian is our introduction to the emerging wellness tourism industry; and we confident that both the guest and members of the Houstonian Resort will embrace our offerings as part of their journey on the way to better health, both mentally and physically.”

The Covery Wellness Spa currently has 6 locations open with another 25+ locations in development. The brand is looking for franchise partners across the United States with a goal of awarding 60 franchises by the end of 2022. As the brand begins its franchise expansion, it is actively seeking multi-unit franchise partners that are passionate about health and wellness and want to bring restorative therapies to new communities. The initial franchise fee is $39,500 for the first location.

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About The Covery

The Covery is a destination for IMMERSIVE Wellness. Our mission is to keep our members and communities healthy and productive through a variety of services for the Mind and Body. More than ever, Immunity and mental health are the key factors for a healthy lifestyle. At The Covery, we help you understand and formulate a plan to best boost your feelings of well-being and overall health. We believe that business and everyday life is a sport, and treating yourself to recovery is essential; because a healthy and rested mind and body will not only keep you in the game, it will keep you in the lead. For more information about The Covery please visit: