CoPilot Partners With World’s Largest Gym Chain

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Pittsburgh, PA, February 22, 2021 -- CoPilot announces that on Monday, February 22nd, 2021 the company will launch its partnership with Anytime Fitness of Self Esteem Brands. 

On February 22nd, 2021 CoPilot is announcing its partnership with the largest gym chain in the world, Anytime Fitness of SE Brands. CoPilot will be partnering with Anytime Fitness to help millions of individuals stay healthy. Anytime Fitness has over 4,500 locations globally, including a location in Antarctica, and roughly 4 million members. 

CoPilot a technology start-up based in Pittsburgh, PA, launched their direct-to-consumer training service less than one year ago in March 2020. Since then, CoPilot has grown explosively from just 1 part-time trainer with a handful of clients to dozens of full-time trainers and thousands of clients across twelve countries. During the last quarter, the company averaged an explosive 100% month-over-month growth rate.

The CoPilot service pairs clients with a remote 1-on-1 coach who develops personalized workout programs for each client. The clients are then guided through the workouts using the CoPilot app. The app, using proprietary smart watch AI, automatically detects when a specific exercise has begun and provides live feedback to the clients on their form and pacing. This provides the same training experience one would receive with an in-person trainer, but for a fraction of the cost. The price for the unlimited remote personal training is $69/month. That price is significantly less than the $500+ cost of a typical trainer. The only equipment necessary is an Apple Watch, allowing clients to workout anytime and anywhere while chatting with their coach daily. For extra motivation, clients can compete against friends for fitness points in the app as well. 

In response to the devastating effects of Covid on the fitness community, CoPilot has also provided their remote training platform to local gyms, enabling the gyms to maintain 6 figure revenue streams throughout closures. Without CoPilot, many gyms may have had to shutter their doors permanently. 

CEO and co-founder, Matt Spettel, has a history of entrepreneurship that goes back to his early high school days, and CoPilot is his most recent venture as an engineering graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. Matt is joined by co-founder Gabe Madonna, a childhood best friend and computer science graduate of MIT. Both founders are excited to announce the partnership with Anytime Fitness as it will allow them to help even more individuals improve their health and well-being. 

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