Escape Fitness and Pete Holman Bring Escape Barrow to Market

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Escape Fitness has partnered with Pete Holman, world renowned Strength Coach and Inventor of the TRX RipTrainer & Nautilus Glute Drive to bring to market The Escape Barrow, the world’s first easy-load, back-safe and ‘sexy as hell’ machine to combine two essential exercise modalities; the loaded carry and the sled push whilst making these significant moves accessible and safe for all. 

This pioneering piece of functional training equipment utilises the ‘loaded carry’, commonly known as the ‘Farmers Carry’, to target what Holman refers to as the ‘Farm-Strong hat-trick’; grip, hip and core strength, whilst also enabling a seamless, safe transition into a sled push without the need for time-costing equipment changes or the unsafe practice of rounding the back while picking up heavy Kettlebells or Dumbbells from the floor.  

“Having grown up on a small ranch in Littleton, Colorado where moving heavy loads by wheelbarrow was a daily requirement, I built incredible strength that gave me the physical edge in competitive martial arts and was instrumental to me becoming a US National TaeKwon-Do champion,” explains Holman. 

“Knowing the huge benefits of being ‘farm strong’ that I experienced growing up, I designed The Escape Barrow as the first machine ever to combine these two vital exercise modalities into one machine. The loaded carry is one of the best exercises out there to build muscular strength and increase bone mineral density whilst the sled push is an absolutely essential training method to enhance power and metabolic conditioning.”  

“Being strong isn’t about aesthetics. These exercises promote crucial components to building a healthy body in order to live a longer, more mobile and pain-free life!” 

Galvanized for outdoor use and durability, this piece of kit adds a new dimension to any turf space or functional training zone. Despite its small footprint and non-intimidating design, The Escape Barrow packs a punch with an impressive load capacity of 200kg/440lbs making this the perfect piece of kit for everyone, from the casual gym-goer to the toughest competitive athlete.  

Delivered to market exclusively by Escape Fitness, The Escape Barrow empowers anyone to escape their limits and safely take their performance to the next level.  

Matthew Januszek, CEO, Escape Fitness, adds: “Escape is constantly questioning the ordinary and exploring ways to make that ordinary, extraordinary. Through this partnership with Pete, this is what we did regarding the idea of being ‘Farm Strong’. This isn’t a gimmick, The Escape Barrow doesn’t just spice up a functional training zone, it’s been expertly designed to enhance the highly effective merits of these complex functional exercises, combining them effortlessly to make a workout not only extremely effective, but also fun and accessible for all.” 

The Escape Barrow has a carbon steel frame and two plate loading points, one on either side of the central frame weight plate to ensure an even distribution of load throughout lift, execution and set-down. Four handles, two vertical and two horizontals, provide multiple grip options, promoting the engagement of different muscle groups depending on the exercise being performed. 

Two thick, durable tyres at the front of The Escape Barrow are complemented by two ‘skis’ at the rear, enabling the structure to be rolled, pushed, dragged or pulled, creating an array of exercise options, whilst remaining stable when in its resting position. The ski runners also have a delron underbelly to protect the flooring, and the runners themselves, from undue scuffing and wear. 

Januszek, adds: “Once you add The Escape Barrow to your functional training offer, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. This piece of kit is set to transform functional training in the way the Smith machine transformed independent weight training in the 1950s.” 

The Escape Barrow is available now for pre-order. To find out more, visit\barrow or call +44 1733 313535 or +1 614-706-4462.