Expert Predicts, Addressing the Demand for Outdoor Exercise Holds Great Potential for the Fitness Industry

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Gym owners who recognize the need for expanding their current offerings with outdoor fitness will win the battle for members in the future, according to fitness industry expert and assistant professor at University of Southern Denmark, Morten Zacho  

The desire for taking traditional indoor activities outdoors has increased tremendously over the last couple of years. People are increasingly moving outdoors and finding new ways to be active. A behavioral trend that is starting to show in gyms where both new and existing members are looking to do fitness outdoors and not being confined to an enclosed indoor area.   

Attract and retain members with outdoor fitness

The demand for gyms offering high quality outdoor fitness has grown rapidly. Being able to work out in the outdoors is no longer just a “nice to have” option for members, but a clear parameter for choosing it in the first place or staying as a member.

Attract a new group of members

Many potential members are still skeptical about exercising indoors but would be attracted to outdoor options for a number of reasons like natural daylight, fresh air and a less intimidating environment.

Extend the great users experience into the outdoors

According to Morten Zacho, exercising outdoors does not mean compromising on workout quality and user experience. With KOMPAN’s innovative outdoor fitness equipment the users can now get the same great workout experience that they know from indoor fitness with the added mental benefits of being outside. The equipment is engineered to withstand heavy usage in the outdoor elements and designed to give a great workout for people of all shapes and sized that will make them come back for more.


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