FightCamp Kicks Off 2022 by Offering Free Boxing, Kickboxing and Bodyweight Workouts to the Masses to Promote Healthy Habits

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NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA - (December 21, 2021) - FightCamp, the leader in connected at-home Boxing and Kickboxing fitness, is kicking off the New Year by releasing new, free content to the public via its iOS app; including Boxing, Kickboxing, bodyweight, and shadowboxing workouts and tutorials. Committed to positively impacting the fitness journeys of so many in 2022, FightCamp hopes to promote the benefits of Martial Arts to fitness enthusiasts and beginners all around the world without cost.

Starting today, over 100 of FightCamp’s shadowboxing, punching bag, and bodyweight workouts and tutorials; including dynamic warmups, strength, conditioning, core, recovery, and stretching, are available for free on the FightCamp iOS app. To access this extensive library with new content added weekly, users will simply download the app, create an account and select a workout with the "Tracker Optional" icon.

Earlier this year, FightCamp raised $90 million in a round of funding backed by celebrities including Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, George St. Pierre, Usher, and Kathryn Winnick, with the goal of bringing authentic Boxing and Kickboxing training to the masses. FightCamp has offered Boxing and Kickboxing classes to users via the FightCamp app for $39 a month, plus cost of equipment, since 2018, but today, anyone who downloads the app will be able to access free workout content.

“FightCamp’s goal has always been to bring the authenticity of Martial Arts to the masses, and there is no better time to do that than right now, as so many choose their New Year’s resolutions,” said Khalil Zahar, Founder and CEO of FightCamp. “Boxing and Kickboxing help tremendously with mental and physical health, while also teaching a skill, and we’re ecstatic to help users from all over the world experience the benefits first hand.”

Ideal for any New Year’s resolutions, FightCamp was created for beginners and Boxing pros alike and delivers one of the toughest and most well-rounded workouts you’ll experience anywhere as a result of the trainers’ real-world fighting experience. Ensuring that users build their strength, skills, and confidence, rather than focusing solely on burning calories, FightCamp’s seasoned trainers include Tommy Duquette, founding trainer and former US National Boxing Team Member; Shanie “Smash” Rusth, a professional MMA competitor; Aaron Swenson, former member of the USA National Kickboxing team; Flo Master, a life-long martial artist and dancer who has worked with many celebrities including Usher, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, and Will Smith; PJ Shirdan, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach; newcomers Rocky Harris, World Kickboxing Champion and Muay Thai expert; and Jess Evans, Amateur Muay Thai fighter.

Those interested in trying FightCamp’s workouts for free can download the app via Google Play or the Apple App Store, or visit for more information.


Founded in 2016, FightCamp offers consumers the best connected Boxing and Kickboxing experience led by world-class trainers in the comfort and safety of their own home. The FightCamp iOS and Android app holds over 1,000 workouts, drills, and trainings, and adds more than 12 new workouts each week, allowing users to access each class at their own convenience. Designed to keep users engaged, focused, and in the zone, its uplifting beats, motivating trainers, and powerful technology makes each and every workout exciting. Regardless of Boxing experience, FightCamp builds the skills and strength of all its users from first-timers to advanced fighters.