Genesis Health Clubs Acquires Two VASA Fitness Locations

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(Wichita, KS) – Genesis Health Clubs announced the purchase of both Wichita-area VASA Fitness locations, located on North Woodlawn and East Harry, respectively. The move is the latest in a dramatic strengthening of the company’s footprint in and around its home base and corporate headquarters in Wichita after years of expansion in the surrounding cities and states.

Genesis Health Clubs Owner and President Rodney Steven II explained the significance. “Genesis is a family-owned business that has operated in Wichita for over 30 years. We started with one location and grew gradually. Then, around six years ago, our company doubled in size overnight. That day, we went from being a local company to a regional one, and put tremendous focus on new markets like Kansas City, Omaha, and Tulsa.”

“One by one, we purchased buildings, found strategic acquisitions, and remodeled aging clubs into beautiful new facilities. Now we have 57 clubs in 6 states with nearly 5,000 employees, but we never forgot about where we came from.”

Steven continued, “This is home to us all. It’s where we started, and it’s where we still keep our company headquarters, and now we’re doubling down in Wichita. This was a great opportunity for us; we’re able to move into south Wichita for the first time and have even more fitness options on the east side, right before we move to the far west with our Goddard location. We’re honored and proud to be able to give back to our Wichita members after so long.”

How exactly will these low-priced clubs fit into Genesis’ premier model built around high end tennis / multi-purpose clubs? Steven explained, “These clubs will no longer be a low-price model. We’ve always built our clubs around a high level of service, and thankfully these clubs have lots of amenities like swimming pools, racquet ball, and group fitness. Low-cost has its place, but we firmly believe that the traditional health club model is best for operators and member experience. We’ll enhance the current pricing model and upgrade the level of service to justify the price. Thankfully for the existing members, Genesis grandfathers rates for the life of all memberships, so they’ll be able to keep using these clubs without any rate increases.”

Asked if the new members will be able to use other Genesis clubs, Steven replied, “If they’d like to see what the rest of the Genesis clubs in the area are all about, we’ve got some discounted upgrades available, which will also get them free and discounted admission to our new Blast Off Bay water park.”

“We’ll have options for VASA members to use the other Genesis clubs and Genesis members just gained two new places to work out. Everyone gets a lot of win-win choices. Fitness in the Midwest keeps getting stronger!”

About Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Health Clubs now has 57 locations across six states: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and recently Iowa, making it the largest privately-owned health club organization in the USA. Genesis believes exercise is the key to building a strong immune system and preventing lifestyle-related risk factors. By providing the most well-rounded gym experience in its 58 clubs, Genesis delivers premium amenities, various classes, and world-class training to its members. Genesis Health Clubs will continue to grow, change, innovate, add new services and locations to give members what they need to achieve their goals and stay healthy.