ISSA Launches First Certification For Glute Specialization

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PHOENIX, Ariz. (Oct. 27, 2020) – The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), a pioneer in the personal training certification industry, announced the launch of the first and only glutes specialization certification of its kind. The new certification program provides personal trainers and fitness professionals the knowledge, skills, and ability to perfect the lower body muscle groups to prevent injury, enhance performance, and maximum physique.

“Becoming specialized in specific areas of the body really allows individuals to stand out in this competitive industry and bring enhanced knowledge to their clients,” said Andrew Wyant, CEO of ISSA. “Providing the actual science behind glute training will lead to real results and alleviate the common misconceptions of this part of the body.”

According to ISSA’s data, glutes are the number one area clients want to learn how to train. There’s a common misconception about glute training, and lunges, squats, and deadlifts aren’t enough when it comes to working this muscle group. ISSA glute specialists will be able to successfully teach their clients how to activate these muscles, unlock the hips, and create better programming with specific exercises to achieve the look clients’ want and the function they need.

The ISSA Glute Training Specialist COURSE teaches trainers the science behind building better glutes with courses by covering:

  • How to build the perfect glutes with trends and training
  • Corrective exercises and movement patterns for glute strength and performance
  • Client assessments and forms
  • Anatomy & activation, strength, and hypertrophy exercises
  • Common hip and glute dysfunctions
  • Marketing, communication, and professionalism as a glute trainer

Once certified, fitness professionals will own the glute market and master offer clients niche training like never before.

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The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is a global leader and the pioneer in the personal training certification industry. For more than 30 years, ISSA has been committed to providing the highest quality certification program by merging the gym experience with practical applied sciences and building trust in order to help people build their goals. ISSA offers 14 personal training specializations including senior fitness, exercise therapy, and corrective exercise. To date, ISSA has trained more than 300,000 students and placed personal trainers across 143 countries, all while continuing to develop greater access to opportunities that promote a healthier world: