ISSA Launches Health Coach Certification Programs

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PHOENIX, Ariz. (September 30, 2022) The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), a world leader in the personal training certification industry, greatly expands its offering to encompass the health and wellness sector with the launch of the ISSA Health Coach Certification. 

The certification is comprised of three custom Health Coaching Programs –  with specific focuses on Nutrition, Transformation, or Online Coaching. Each program offers distinctive health and wellness specifications. The programs offer an efficient and comprehensive pathway toward a rewarding career in an industry projected to reach $7 trillion by 2025.  

“COVID taught us all: Health is Wealth,” said ISSA’s CEO, Andrew Wyant. “The increased risks of obesity and controllable diseases have never been clearer.  Unfortunately, there’s no single approach that works for everyone. That’s why Health Coaches are emerging as an important part of promoting healthier living.  Health Coaches can fill the gaps between the exercise, nutrition and medical professionals to change behaviors and get lasting results.” 

ISSA's Health Coach Programs provide thorough training in cognitive behavior approaches, goal setting, psychology skills, and chronic health conditions. Students acquire the skills necessary to assess client needs and develop individualized wellness plans that meet their unique goals.  

Further, ISSA Health Coach Programs eradicate common challenges for those interested in getting into the field.  The certification offers three very clear career paths to eliminate the guesswork, and students can move through the courses at their own pace. 

“It took a pandemic to fully understand the importance of wellness. Historically, health clubs and fitness professionals were more focused on traditional exercise,” said Dan Duran, Vice President of Content and Partnerships. “The miss was incorporating overall lifestyle changes. Being prepared to holistically help clients achieve better health and wellness with the added value of nutrition, behavior change, recovery and lifestyle change is the future of coaching. Certified health coaches and clubs now have the ability to grow their businesses with these offerings. If they don’t, clients will be looking elsewhere for those services. Be the one-stop solution!” 

Each program includes the core Health Coaching basics course and adds three health & wellness specializations. This format allows students to choose their area of passion and is a comprehensive approach to addressing the various areas of wellness that clients require today.  

This certification is ideal for coaches seeking to enhance their offering and evolve their career in a highly growth-centric industry, or for anyone looking to embark on a lucrative and fulfilling occupation helping to create holistic, healthy lifestyles for others.

About the International Sports Sciences Association  

The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is a global leader in the personal training certification industry. For more than 30 years, ISSA has been committed to providing innovative and science-based fitness education that creates a pathway for people to pursue their passion. In addition to their Personal Training Certification, ISSA offers 24 fitness specializations, including senior fitness, exercise therapy, and corrective exercise. To date, ISSA has educated more than 400,000 students across 174 countries, all while creating additional opportunities to promote a healthier world: