Mux and SweatWorks Partner to Accelerate New Fitness Industry Product Experiences Based on Video Format

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San Francisco (December 6, 2022) - Mux, the leading video infrastructure platform, and SweatWorks, the leading technology company in the fitness industry, today announced a global partnership to accelerate the delivery of new video-driven fitness product experiences. With the partnership launch, the companies also announced they have signed hybrid experience CITYROW as a new joint customer.

The $91 billion fitness industry is in a state of rapid product innovation cycles, as instructors, gym owners, equipment providers and connected health device manufacturers create “hybrid” product experiences that span the gym to home workout environments, fitness devices, smart televisions and more. Every fitness company has become a video content company, as consumers expect top instructor talent and Hollywood-level video entertainment in their workout experiences, delivered flawlessly across all their devices, and increasingly in real-time.

"The future of fitness is hybrid, said Helaine Knapp, CEO and Founder of CITYROW. "CITYROW was born as an in-person concept so we're always striving to recreate that energy for our at-home audience. The product and video experience has to be flawless to match the production quality of our classes. We couldn't have launched to market as quickly and at this level without SweatWorks and Mux."

“We’ve seen more demand for real-time video in fitness products in the last four months, than in the last four years combined,” said Mohammed Iqbal, founder and CEO at SweatWorks. “Fitness consumers today want it all: they want the community vibe of group classes with live video, they want to augment those live class sessions with on-demand workouts that they can tackle at their own pace at home, and now we’re also seeing an explosion of real-time video capabilities that make one-to-one and many-to-many product experiences possible during workouts.”

Earlier this year with the launch of Real-Time Video, Mux became the first platform to unify all video formats, accelerating how developers build rich front-end developer experiences. Unlike other video formats, latency for real-time video must be 150 milliseconds or less for seamless user experiences. In the fitness industry, this real-time video capability translates to new opportunities for real-time engagement between instructors and clients, real-time interaction between members in classes, and countless other real-time use cases.

Real-Time Video seamlessly integrates with Mux's existing offerings, including video on-demand and live video, giving the Fitness industry a one-stop shop for all their communication, recording, broadcasting, and streaming requirements. Fitness providers running the Mux platform get the best of both worlds: an API that simplifies the creation of rich front-end video experiences without requiring a team of video experts to build it, and a back-end that handles all of the heavy lifting of transcoding, as well as perfecting video stream performance to across almost any user platform or device.

“Every fitness company today is trying to perfect the delivery of video over a variety of platforms and locations,” said Eric Elia, head of partnerships at Mux. “Video has to play well whether it’s on a TV in a basement or on a tablet in a hotel room. With SweatWorks and Mux, fitness providers can deliver rich, measurable live, on-demand and real-time video experiences, while having all of the nuances of handled by the world’s most trusted platform in Mux, and a fitness industry specialist partner in SweatWorks that has a proven track record with many of the industry’s most prestigious brands.”

Recently Elia led a webinar with fitness industry leaders SweatWorks, Struct Club and Les Mills--examining how the fitness industry’s product offerings are being transformed by video. As the first video infrastructure provider that gives developers a single API workflow covering all three major video formats (on-demand, live and real-time), Mux is powering the explosion of new hybrid product experiences for the post-pandemic consumer that expects both live and digital experiences from fitness brands.

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About Mux

Mux is a video infrastructure platform for developers that takes the complexity out of live and on-demand video. Hundreds of publishers including Robinhood, PBS, ViacomCBS, Equinox Media, and VSCO rely on Mux to deliver the highest quality video experience to their users without having to hire a team of embedded video experts. San Francisco-based Mux was founded in 2015 by experts in online video, including the creators of the biggest open-source video player on the web (Video.js), the largest transcoding service in the cloud (Zencoder), and the premier conference for video engineers (Demuxed). For more information visit or follow @MuxHQ.

About SweatWorks

SweatWorks is the leading software and hardware technology agency working exclusively with consumer and commercial fitness and wellness brands across US, UK/EUR and LATAM.

Founded in 2012, headquartered in Arlington, VA, they provide strategy, product development, industrial/user experience design and software/hardware engineering services to produce first-to-market fitness products that help improve people's lives.

Working with the biggest brands in the industry including Soulcycle, Equinox, CITYROW, Beachbody, Myxfitness, SPEEDE Fitness, Strava, and, most recently with Nix Biosensor on their first consumer realtime hydration patch.