Myzone Founder Names David Stalker as Group CEO

Myzone a provider of fitness technology says that Dave Wright, the company's founder, has stepped down from his role as Group CEO and that its Board named David Stalker, the current CEO of EMEA and president of EuropeActive, as the new Myzone Group CEO, effective immediately.  

In a prepared release, the company said that, "Citing life, work, family balance, Wright's decision to relinquish his role as Group CEO is a testament to his dedication to Myzone's growth and his commitment to positioning the company for a further liquidity event and that under Stalker's visionary leadership, Myzone has become a driving force in the fitness technology industry, transforming the way individuals engage with their health and fitness."

David Stalker, who has served as EMEA CEO since 2018, will work closely with Wright, the executive team, investors, and key stakeholders to ensure Myzone continues to "deliver innovative fitness technology solutions and enhance the customer experience."

Wright will remain actively involved in the company, focusing on global initiatives, industry partnerships, and product innovation. His passion and vision will continue to help drive Myzone forward as he takes on a more strategic role within the organization.  

The company expresses its gratitude to Dave Wright for his outstanding leadership and looks forward to a seamless transition under David Stalker's capable guidance.  

About Myzone 

Myzone is a global leader in fitness technology, dedicated to enhancing physical activity through innovative and wearable fitness solutions. The company provides individuals with the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals and improve overall health and wellbeing. Myzone's heart rate monitoring and effort tracking technology have revolutionized the fitness industry, making it easier than ever for people to measure, track, and share their fitness achievements. For more information, visit 

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