National KickHouse Challenge Winners Selected

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National winners lost a combined 111.3 pounds and 61.6 inches.   

Dallas, TX (May 3, 2021) –  KickHouse, a modern kickboxing concept with 35 locations across the country, has selected six national winners in the Kick 2020 Goodbye Challenge.  At a time when the American Psychological Association reports that 6 in 10 adults have experienced undesired weight changes since the start of the pandemic, KickHouse Challenge participants made an 8-week commitment to kick their quarantine weight goodbye. In total, the national winners lost a combined 111 pounds! 

Beginning in January of 2021, almost five hundred participants from across the country started the 8-week journey of the KickHouse Challenge with the goal of “Kicking 2020 Goodbye”. With the coronavirus pandemic as an additional obstacle, participants made changes to their fitness and nutrition in order to improve their overall health. 

Participant transformations were judged at the local level, with local finalists advancing to national judging. In the national judging, a panel of five experts ranked local winners using criteria such as pounds and inches lost, percentage of body weight lost, muscle tone gained, ability to inspire others and overall visible physical transformations. The first place national winners receive $15,000, the second place winners receive $5,000 and the third place winners receive $3,000 for a total of $46,000 in cash prizes for their incredible and inspiring results!

The top winners of the KickHouse Challenge are below:

First Place:

Babita C. from Parker, CO (28.2 pounds & 12.5 inches lost)

Matthew A. from McKinney, TX (19.4 pounds & 11.25 inches lost)

Second Place:

Darcie M. from Yorba Linda, CA (19 pounds & 11.8 inches lost)

Mike B. from Winchester, VA (19.8 pounds & 7 inches lost)

Third Place:

Chardae R. from Creve Coeur, MO (13.1 pounds & 14.5 inches lost)

Lance K. from Frederick, MD (11.8 pounds & 4.5 inches)

"The KickHouse Challenge showcased the resilience and commitment that lives within the KickHouse community. In a time when so many people are struggling through the pandemic, I congratulate all participants for stepping up to this Challenge and really making a commitment to their health,” said KickHouse CEO Jessica Yarmey. "This is about more than just losing weight. This is about improving overall health and reducing underlying health conditions."

National Winner Babita, 36, of the KickHouse studio in Parker, CO, struggled with stress through the pandemic. “I had become an emotional and stress eater. I thought the KickHouse Challenge was my opportunity to take control of my life,” she said. “I now feel very strong, confident and pretty. This Challenge has definitely made me healthy and happy.”  

National Winner Matthew, 29 of the KickHouse studio in McKinney, TX joined the KickHouse Challenge to get rid of the pandemic weight. “Tori was my coach and she was great. She was always checking in on me, making sure that I was doing really well and feeling well while doing it.” he said. “I started feeling a huge difference in my energy level, in my strength, in my speed… everything was getting better. I saw huge differences through the Challenge.”

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