New Bluetooth Technology Eliminates Audio Glitches During Fitness Classes

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May 30, 2020 -- There’s nothing worse for club operators — or club members — than a fitness class that starts late, or not at all, due to technology glitches. 

When Bluetooth audio glitches happen too often due to complex, faulty, or out-of-date health club equipment, frustrated members can begin shopping around for a better health club environment and experience.

Bluetooth technology brings great benefits to streaming music and hands-free voiceover playback in fitness class settings. But typical bandwidth and streaming signal issues can make Bluetooth more of a problem source than a solution.

Enter the new BT-Pro V2 technology from Radial Engineering. The BT-Pro V2 is a high-resolution Bluetooth-enabled stereo device for health clubs that connects wirelessly to smartphones and tablets, sending clear and flawless music and fitness instructor audio to speakers in a fitness room or studio.

The BT-Pro V2 offers strong Bluetooth signal reception up to 100-feet, even in health club areas where a wall or structural barrier exists. 

Each BT-Pro V2 unit ships with a unique ID for ensuring stable connectivity. This means multiple BT-Pro V2 units can be used to stream music and audio via Bluetooth to different rooms without signal conflict or glitches.

Each unique ID acts as an identifier that shows up as a password-protected six-digit numerical code on mobile devices, making it easy to quickly connect an iPhone or other mobile device to the PA without having to search for wires or adaptors.

Radial Engineering is a leader in audio equipment for major music touring acts and events, so the technology in the BT-Pro V2 has been tested and proven under the most rugged and demanding conditions.

Available now from Radial Engineering. Learn more on the Radial Engineering BT-Pro V2 product page. Price: $260.