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Clinically Proven, Patented Stress-Relief Technology Enables Users to ‘Own the Day’ 

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE (Issued March 2022) – Today, owners and managers of health spas, gyms, recovery centers, and fitness studios across the world are finding unique offerings to attract new members and retain current ones. Covid-19 dramatically impacted this industry causing significant closures and pressure on businesses to find new ways to compete and stand out.

“Many are adding the cutting-edge, clinically proven NuCalm technology as a value-added, differentiated service that provides 2 hours of restorative sleep in just 20 minutes” according to Jim Poole, CEO and President of Wilmington, Delaware-based Solace Lifesciences, maker of NuCalm (www.NuCalm.com), “Anyone in the highly competitive $150 billion industry must be on the lookout for trends in order to stay ahead of their competition and open new revenue streams. NuCalm helps members and clients relax, recover and sleep better without drugs and without compromise. It differentiates your venue. Users can ‘own the day’ by controlling the triggers that result in fear, stress, anxiety, depression, worry and sleeplessness.”  He says that, increasingly, clients are seeking the same high-level personal training and recovery tools used by the world’s elite athletes. 

“NuCalm is the ultimate biohack,” Poole says, “so why not add it to your offerings menu? As a stand-alone fee-for-service or addition to a massage, NuCalm quickly becomes an impressive profit center. Ultimately, the winners will be operators who spot trends and act on their vision. With NuCalm the owner is not taking the risk of being an early adopter with an unproven technology. We’ve been serving humanity for more than 20 years with a patented, clinically proven Class III medical device that used to be $5,995. People have not heard much about our product because we never marketed, but were able to grow the business through word-of-mouth in the medical community. We officially entered the spa, wellness center, fitness studio, and anti-aging market when we presented our patented neuroscience platform at the 2019 Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco in April 2019. But our even more substantial move was on November 15, 2021, when we launched a more affordable, easier to use subscription model.” 

Developed and refined for two decades, NuCalm is the only patented, clinically proven technology that predictably and reliably lowers stress and improves sleep quality on demand without drugs or side effects. The technology uses sophisticated biochemistry and physics in a simple 3-step process consisting of a Biosignal Processing Disc applied to the wrist to activate the brain’s relaxation system; neuroacoustic software to slow brain wave function using headphones and an app; and an eye mask. A 20-minute NuCalm experience provides the equivalent of 2 -3 hours of deep, restorative sleep, resulting in a feeling of calm and relaxed, yet mentally acute and focused.

“It’s the first time in human history that a person can manage their mental state on demand,” Poole says. “NuCalm has been successfully used in over two million surgical procedures and by those suffering from

PTSD, patients undergoing cancer treatment, by pilots and stressed-out executives.” It’s used across the Department of Defense and by hundreds of players on over 50 professional sports teams.

Among the spa, health and fitness facilities offering NuCalm:

  • In 2019 the prestigious Chenot Group implemented NuCalm into their therapeutic service offering as a baseline technology to lower stress under the direction of Dr. George Gaitanos, Chief Operating & Scientific Director and industry ‘Medical Director of the year 2021.’ Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps on Lake Lucerne, Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel in Weggis, Switzerland is a state-of-the-art medical, diagnostics, spa and fitness center.
  • The luxurious Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the 12 most exciting U.S. hotels opening in 2021 and Luxury Travel Magazine both commended Fairmont’s 5-star spa for its array of biohacking offerings including NuCalm. NuCalm hosted a NuCalm Recovery lounge at the property throughout February’s Super Bowl week
  • The innovative and renowned Carillon Miami Wellness Resort offers NuCalm in their spa for guests and residents
  • The luxurious Naples Grande Beach Resort offers NuCalm in their spa
  • The luxurious and secluded Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, off the coast of Africa, offers NuCalm in their spa
  • A few years ago, four women in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, opened the 3,600 SF Reset Lounge, where all ages can go “to reset from the many difficulties life brings, to manage the stress and anxiety of today’s world, and the toll it can take on your body and mind... Life can be hard. We wanted to create a space that made it a little easier.” NuCalm is one of their most popular therapies.
  • Youthful Medical Spa in Jacksonville, FL, offers NuCalm as part of its mission “to provide the best services available in the field of medical aesthetics and non-invasive anti-aging treatment.”
  • Three years ago, The Recovery Spa was the first dedicated recovery studio in British Columbia. It’s one of few in Canada offering treatments solely focused on recovery and stress reduction. many clients choose NuCalm sessions.
  • Vail Recovery Lab in Vail, Colorado opened in late 2021, just in time for ski season. It uses NuCalm as a cornerstone therapy to help locals and visiting skiers / snow boarders relax, revive, and recover.

Among NuCalm devotees are ultramarathoner Robbie Belanger who used it nightly during a 1,200 mile run over 63 days; fitness model Brooke Burke for “an absolute escape”; Ben Greenfield, renowned biohacker and educator says “There aren’t many items I own that I consider to be so-called “non-negotiable” biohacks in my daily routine, but NuCalm is undoubtedly one of them"; retired Navy SEAL Bob Reitz who uses NuCalm to readjust to civilian life and deal with PTSD; award winning best-selling author and international keynote speaker Diana von Welanetz Wentworth says “Using NuCalm daily, I feel infused with more clarity, serenity and creativity. NuCalm is the most life-enhancing tool I’ve ever discovered! My brain function has improved markedly, and my daily life continues to expand into more opportunities and adventures.”; and author/motivational speaker Tony Robbins who says it helps with long days, big events and jet lag. NuCalm has been featured on NBC’s Today Show and won prestigious awards at the Consumer Electronics Show. In 2021, NuCalm was invited to set up a Recovery Lounge during Enshrinement Week at the Pro Football League Hall of Fame. The company has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of NuCalm to military veterans across the United States.

For more info, visit www.NuCalm.com or contact David Poole, Chief Business Officer, Solace Lifesciences:  [email protected]