Paramount Acceptance Celebrates 50 Years in Business in Fitness Industry

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Holladay, UT - (February 17, 2023)

Leading gym software and billing services company Paramount Acceptance is marking the occasion of 50 years in business. The company was started in the 1970s by pioneers of the commercial fitness industry and continues to provide software and services to gyms and health clubs today.

“We are proud to commemorate this important milestone and achievement for our business, as we started in the early days of the commercial fitness industry and have been fortunate enough to serve the industry for the past 50 years,” said Ren Rice, Paramount Acceptance CEO. “We have seen many changes to the fitness industry over the years, and we're proud that our business has continued to stay relevant and innovate.”

Paramount Acceptance was started by fitness industry founding fathers Bob Rice and Ken Melby in the early days of the modern gym and health club industry. They combined their expertise to run health clubs together and, in the process, found the need for a better billing service to improve the situation for their operations and their members. They began Paramount Acceptance to fit their own needs, which were based upon a deep understanding of the gym and health club arena. They began offering their software and billing services to other businesses in the fitness industry to help other gyms solve similar problems that they understood and had solved for themselves. That’s why the company motto became: “Built by gym owners for gym owners.”

Paramount Acceptance’s offerings have been used by a range of gyms and health clubs during the last 50 years. This company has a long history of serving businesses like Vasa Fitness, Onyx Health Club, Peak Health and Wellness and 24e Fitness.

Its software and services are specifically designed to suit the needs and goals of the fitness industry. For instance, its PULSE software supports gyms and health clubs with gym management, scheduling and CRM needs. It offers a range of useful features that help gyms with their scheduling, personal training, employee and member management, marketing, billing and other aspects of running a gym business. The company also offers services to gyms to help with billing and collections, customer service and marketing. It provides tools to improve the member experience, including a mobile app and gym payment website. These numerous tools and services provide gyms with important benefits like streamlining operations, maximizing budgets and creating more efficiency. One of the keys of Paramount Acceptance’s business model is that it provides a customized experience so gyms can get the features they need and skip the ones they find unnecessary.

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About Paramount Acceptance

Paramount Acceptance provides gyms with software and billing services that offer the latest technology in the fitness industry. It acts as a business partner to many in the industry to improve their gym operations and make their billing services more efficient. Comprehensive gym software continues to be a core offering of the company, with new features continually being developed. Efficient billing services improve the accuracy of Paramount’s clients and increase their money flow.

With more than 150 years of cumulative industry experience, Paramount’s executive team provides the strategic as well as day-to-day operational leadership that has made the company successful throughout its history.