Peloton Launches College Strategy for Students, Athletes and Alumni

Peloton has announced its strategy to partner with colleges, universities, athletes, and student platforms to bring the brand's workouts to campuses through its content, co-branded Peloton Bikes, and on-site experiences.

Peloton's college campus integrations to bring the brand to students, alumni, and fans across the country include three pillars:

  • Branded Integrations: Working with colleges and universities, Peloton will offer co-branding opportunities that may include its bikes and apparel. Additionally, working with partners, Peloton will bring to life in-game activations including "hype moments" and unique appearances featuring its world-renowned Instructors. Peloton will work with colleges to develop bespoke benefits for their students, that may include integration of Peloton Connected Fitness Units (CFUs) in college recreational and/or athletic facilities, as well as the opportunity to purchase co-branded Bikes or rent refurbished Peloton equipment. Finally, Peloton will also partner to create opportunities for alumni and fans to experience related benefits.
  • Concessionary Offers: Nationwide, Peloton is offering special pricing of $6.99/month for Peloton's App One tier, for active undergrad and graduate students. This benefit offers access to expert fitness content for their active lifestyles. To access the special student rate, individuals should go here. Additionally, Peloton offers K-12 US teachers, college educators, and administrators access to discounted offers for its world class connected fitness portfolio. Learn more about these special offers via this link.
  • Social Media Engagement: Delivering on its commitment to support anyone, anytime, anywhere, Peloton will be expanding creator partnerships to feature college student athletes. These collaborations will amplify Peloton's fitness expertise more readily to sports-minded Gen Z students, fans, and alumni alike.

"Exercise and fitness is such an important part of a college-age students' experience, both physically and mentally. Peloton is excited to be a part of their journey," said Dion Camp Sanders, Peloton Chief Emerging Business Officer. "By merging our expertise, athletic fandom, and college communities at-large, we aim to support and inspire students, alumni, and college communities to achieve their fitness ambitions."

This strategy builds on some of the work Peloton has already done with colleges and universities nationwide. With a more focused strategy, the company hopes to leverage relationships across numerous conferences. Additionally, Peloton launched CFU concessionary pricing for educators in 2019, and followed with student pricing for the Peloton App in 2021. University and post-grad students have unique access to App One for $6.99, putting world-class wellness content in the hands of all students nationwide. 

About Peloton

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