Perch Weight Room Technology Launches Rack Integration with Life Fitness and PLAE

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BOSTON – Perch – the first and only piece of weight room technology built for athletes and coaches – has announced a weight rack integration launch with Life Fitness and PLAE, giving users of the equipment an opportunity to elevate their weight room experience by quantifying performance with velocity-based training.

“The opportunity to partner with Life Fitness and PLAE and allow users of their equipment to benefit from our 3D camera technology and machine learning is an important milestone in our efforts to turn every athlete into the best version of themselves,” said Perch co-founder and CEO Jacob Rothman. “This is the future of weight room performance. Users of the equipment can now use our technology to enhance their gym experience, while dominating workouts, smashing personal records, lifting with precision, and training without compromise.”

Up until now, Perch’s 3D cameras were fastened to any weight rack with Velcro straps. Now, the Life Fitness and PLAE integration makes installation of the technology sleeker and more seamless. It consists of a precision engineered crossbeam made to fit a customized Perch camera device with fasteners and a secure pin to any rack. What’s more, the equipment is fully customizable with branded colors.

“What we’ve essentially done is create the world’s first connected weight rack,” said Rothman. “This intelligent design and effortless mounting solution makes for cleaner lines, a seamless integration, and hidden wires, all while making smart racks a reality.”

Once installed, the technology works as before. An athlete walks up, logs in into a tablet and starts lifting. While they lift, the 3D camera tracks their movements and instantaneously displays important metrics such as sets, reps, velocity, and power output on the tablet. The data can then be accessed after the workout via a web and mobile application. The data is also stored and saved in Perch’s web application to monitor insights to performance for future workouts.

The idea for Perch came shortly after Rothman, a former MIT varsity athlete, herniated a disc in his back during a routine workout. While recovering from his injury, he started to brainstorm ideas for a device that could help athletes better quantify workouts in the weight room to prevent injury and improve overall performance. Today, Perch has become the go-to leader in velocity-based training technology, partnering with an ever-growing number of teams across the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and NCAA. Perch’s scope has also expanded to various military bases, fitness and performance facilities, and a growing number of high schools and home gyms across the country.

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