ShapeLog and Life Fitness Partner to Deliver Innovative Connected Strength Solutions

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ShapeLog connected strength technology tracks exercisers’ progress in real time on strength training equipment

CHICAGO, May 4, 2021 – Gym members want data-driven experiences to help them on their fitness journey. But strength training data has lagged behind cardiovascular data for decades. To provide analytics for the millions of people who do strength training, ShapeLog, a fitness technology company and provider of connected strength solutions, today announces its partnership with Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment.  

ShapeLog’s patented strength platform enhances how health clubs, fitness centers and gyms help their customers strength train. By tracking force, repetitions, weight, power, total work, fatigue, time under tension, and more, ShapeLog provides access to customized and personalized strength training experiences.

"ShapeLog recognizes the community's desire for a more holistic understanding of their fitness.  Largely absent has been the necessary strength performance data to guide this journey,” said Bryan O’Rear, CEO of ShapeLog. “Life Fitness is the perfect partner as we look to provide connected strength solutions to health clubs globally. We thrive whenever presented the opportunity to work with passionate teams who are equally committed to delivering next generation experiences.”

When connected strength machines are paired with ShapeSync™, ShapeLog’s data gateway device, users can track strength training data digitally – providing an assessment of their overall fitness level. This is perfectly suited for the Life Fitness ecosystem of world-class connected solutions, which is built on an open API platform to provide tailored solutions to help gym operators make the most of their business with increased flexibility. The open API platform enables them to deliver a seamless journey for their exercisers, while gathering and managing valuable information for their business.

The partnership is a critical component for Life Fitness as it advances its ecosystem of digital solutions to deliver connected exerciser experiences and drive more value for health clubs.

“Life Fitness is at the forefront of integrating technology with exercise equipment, from entertainment to connected and cloud-based solutions,” said Mike Vanacora, Senior Director, Global Strategy and Connected Fitness at Life Fitness. “Our facility ecosystem combines connectivity, coaching and content to help operators better engage with members and meet their needs. We’re excited to partner with ShapeLog to deliver data-driven strength training experiences to exercisers, and the data insights that trainers need to help their clients reach their individual fitness goals.”

ShapeLog’s platform can be used anywhere where strength training equipment is available, including gyms, rehabilitation centers, athletic clubs, and in private training. ShapeLog-equipped Life Fitness products will be available later this year. 

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About ShapeLog

ShapeLog is a Midwest-based fitness technology company and provider of connected strength solutions. With offices in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Chicago, ShapeLog is changing the way gym goers strength train by providing personalized strength training experiences. Its technology tracks force, repetitions, weight, power, total work, fatigue, time under tension, cardiovascular activity, and more to provide a more engaging and customized exercise solution for enhanced results. For more information, visit

About Life Fitness

Life Fitness is the global leader in commercial fitness equipment and game tables and furnishings. The company manufactures and sells its strength and cardiovascular equipment, billiards tables and accessories, and game room furniture under the brand names Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Indoor Cycling Group, SCIFIT and Brunswick Billiards. Its equipment is distributed to 166 countries. Life Fitness is headquartered outside Chicago, in Rosemont, Illinois. For more information about Life Fitness products and services, visit