YogiFi Attempts New World Record for the First and Largest Virtual Yoga Event

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Creators Behind the First Smart Yoga Mat Invite Yogis Everywhere to Join a Record-Breaking 15-Minute Yoga Session on International Yoga Day (6/21)

ATLANTA, June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In coordination with America's Book of Records, YogiFi by Wellnesys Inc., is excited to announce its attempt in setting a new world record for the first and largest computer vision (CV)-based virtual yoga event. Hosted through the YogiFi mobile app, the company is inviting 10,000+ yogis to participate in a 15-minute Hatha yoga class on International Yoga Day – Monday, June 21.

"We are thrilled to coordinate this record-breaking event with America's Book of Records. At its core, YogiFi strives to give yogis the resources to practice yoga anytime and anywhere, and this event is to showcase the power, accessibility and benefits of yoga at home," said Muralidhar Somisetty, CEO and Founder of YogiFi. "We welcome yogis at all walks of life to join us!"

To participate in the event:

Register through this link: https://www.yogifi.fit/yogaday2021

All registered participants will become eligible to receive the e-certificate for participation and a chance to win one of 10 Amazon gift cards ($50 value)!

Download the free YogiFi app via the App Store or the Google Play Store (compatible with Android and Apple devices).

Take the 15-minute record-breaking session located on the home page of the app either on June 20 or 21, 2021.

After completing the class, participants are asked to share their participation on social media using #YogiFiWorldRecord to receive the official e-certificate from America's Book of Records.

The YogiFi app is best complemented with the YogiFi mat, the first AI-powered smart yoga mat on the market; however, the YogiFi mat is NOT required to participate in the event. All participants will be able to experience the YogiFi app, which delivers CV-based, studio-feel yoga classes, using the camera on a smartphone to analyze the user's activity based on the skeletal movement. It provides the necessary feedback to correct posture and assists users to maximize the benefits from their yoga practice.

Additionally, the YogiFi app and mat caters to yoga practitioners, from beginners to advanced, but is also a tried-and-true resource for yoga instructors looking to continue their practice remotely, create an additional revenue stream or offer their services as an in-studio/at-home hybrid model. Paired together, the YogiFi app and mat offer yoga instructors the ability to track their students' progress and offer personalized guidance.

For more information and how to sign up for the event, visit: https://www.yogifi.fit/yogaday2021.

About YogiFi
YogiFi is the first smart yoga mat revolutionizing the at-home yoga experience by leveraging AI and Computer Vision (CV) technologies to build a groundbreaking yoga experience. Equipped with a built-in innovative sensor layer, the smart mat tracks your yoga postures and offers suggestions to help correct your posture in real time. With YogiFi's real-time feedback, you'll never again wonder, "am I doing this right?" Eliminate the guesswork & strengthen your yoga practice. All in the comfort of your own home!