Zeamo Inc. Expands Global Fitness Initiative

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New York, NY: October 17, 2017; Zeamo Inc. –– the force behind the state-of-the-art, market-multiplying digital fitness platform (mobile app and web) ZEAMO –– announced today the continued growth of its global strategic expansion plan.

Already hosting the largest directory and search engine of its kind of more than 25,000 gyms so far, and with plans to increase that number significantly worldwide, Zeamo directory users have the ability to search and select facilities in their location by their favorite activities. They are then able to purchase day pass access to Zeamo”s Partner Gyms  –– which number more than 500 in the US alone, with another 100+ in Europe –– and work out with any one of those partners without restrictions.

Zeamo’s most recent expansion includes the addition of multi-unit facilities involving Boston Sports Clubs and Healthworks, bringing the company’s already impressive roster of partner clubs in the Greater Boston area to 50.

Zeamo allows users to purchase day passes and access gyms without commitment, allowing exercise enthusiasts the option to workout when and where they want with ease, like business travelers, tourists, seasonal exercisers. The app also allows users to discover gyms according to their amenity preferences and creating more diverse and flexible membership options through advanced yet simple to use technology.  Zeamo has also partnered with One Fine Stay and the American Bar Association, allowing them to reach even more consumers like business travelers, tourists and seasonal exercisers who are in need of short-term membership options. 

Zeamo first entered the digital fitness market stage just 10 short months ago, in January 2017, when it executed the coordinated worldwide launch of its first iOS and Android-based apps, alongside its innovative website.  With its user base and business partner roster growing exponentially, its technology undergoing consistent refinement, and the continued solidification of its core management and executive teams, Zeamo now has a market leadership position.

By partnering with health clubs and gyms, Zeamo offers easy access for users to work out anytime, anywhere and in virtually any manner that suits their preferences.  Developed by an experienced leadership team who are both passionate about the fitness industry and experienced in the digital/technology space, Zeamo’s goal is to increase the revenue of their club partners through cutting edge technologies and unique B2B partnerships, while at the same time completely reshaping the way that fitness enthusiasts find and avail themselves of fitness offerings.

When he joined Zeamo’s Board of Directors in May of this year, Mark Smith –– formerly CEO of 24 Hour Fitness and Town Sports International with some 35+ years of front line fitness industry experience –– observed that: “The digitization of the fitness industry is long overdue, and Zeamo is bringing a smart, succinct user experience to the business which gym owners and consumers are going to appreciate and which our corporate partners are in dire need of.”

Zeamo's Boston initiative fits perfectly within Zeamo’s global footprint and its development of the largest directory and search engine of its kind.  With the Boston portion of its global expansion plan already now well underway, the stage is set for continued Zeamo growth –– and both the fitness industry and fitness consumers are primed and ready to experience a revolution in how they offer and obtain access to first class fitness providers.


Zeamo is a ground-breaking web, iOS and Android-based platform specifically targeted to address the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and travelers on the one hand, and preferred fitness facilities and providers on the other.  Zeamo is for anyone looking to find a health club, or any health club operator looking to be found. It takes the often complicated, multi-step search and compare process and streamlines it into just a few easy clicks.  Zeamo’s proprietary directory comprises thousands of fitness providers and facilities across the country and throughout the world, and that directory is growing exponentially all the time.

For more information, please visit www.zeamo.com or email [email protected].