Preston Inc. Treatment 21As spas and dermatologists increasingly up the ante in high-potency skin care treatments, a new and truer-to-spa-philosophy service has emerged for professional estheticians and body therapists. The new technique, coined Treatment 21TM which describes "2 Dimensions (mind/body) = 1 Result (a healthier being) is the first fully integrated program that blends the ancient art of guided visualization with classical face and body spa services. Originally test marketed at Los Angeles's Ona Spa under the name "Ona 21" the program has been met with rave reviews in magazines such as People, LA Confidential, Fit, and was even featured in a recent VH1 segment. Treatment 21TM has become the favorite spa draw for celebrities such as Uma Thurman and others.

Treatment 21TM was developed by Douglas Preston to provide a totally unique facial treatment that reflects the spa industry's therapeutic "mind/body/spirit" philosophy. Preston, drawing from an extensive background in esthetic skin care and clinical hypnotherapy, designed a special anti-aging skin treatment that combines cutting edge skin rejuvenating techniques with a deeply relaxing guided visualization experience.

"One's state-of-mind determines the overall condition of the body's well-being, including the skin, which can profoundly affect an individual's complexion, for better or worse. Treatment 21TM teaches the client how to induce self-inspired inner calm and focus in order to achieve profound stress relief and other self-improvement goals during a spa facial. This amazing sense of deep rest, coupled with a custom-designed revitalizing skin treatment, promotes enhanced health and appearance. There's really nothing else like it available in spa services today", explains Preston. "Spas, and estheticians in particular, are beginning to drift from their original wellness mission as medically-oriented procedures take center stage and tempt classical therapists to chase a trend many cannot compete in. This new procedure belongs to us!"

Treatment 21TM clients, through a comfortable headset, hear the 15-minute guided visualization, written by Preston and professionally recorded by a voice actor Kitty Kinnin, while a special treatment masque provides rejuvenation benefits for the skin. Estheticians performing a Treatment 21TM listen to the same program through a second headset both to keep track of the session's progress and to further develop their own mastery of the relaxation technique. Many clients say they wish the program never had to end as, even after only one session, they experience an almost "out-of-body" sense of calm. The process is easy to perform and, following a short tutorial, appropriate for any esthetician or body therapist to use professionally.

Treatment 21TM guided visualization programs include enhancing self-esteem and personal confidence, creating a positive mind, attracting prosperity and success, and controlling anxiety. Clients select from a menu of titles prior to beginning their treatment, and can purchase the T21TM CD for later listening. Each Treatment 21TM retail kit contains the guided visualization CD and a collection of 5 special aromatic mists, each enhancing the successful recall and results of the corresponding self-improvement program.

Treatment 21TM training seminars begin in April 2005. Professional kits contain a tutorial CD for spa professionals as well as a special version of the guided visualization tracks that feature specific client instructions. For more information on Treatment 21TM product and training visit