The Purple Passport, a New Website, Serves as a Great Resource for Spa-goers in Various Cities.

Getting your spa front and center of potential spa-goers isn't always easy. However, city spas may now have another tool in their arsenal thanks to The Purple Passport, a web-based one-stop shop for finding the world’s best urban spa, hotel, and restaurant locations. Created by Emily Brands and Jenn Garcia-Alonso, the site caters to professional women who travel the world and want to find a place to relax while doing so. A great resource for locating the best spas in various cities, The Purple Passport is the only comprehensive collection of city guides to address the needs of 25- to 45-year-old women. Featuring spas in New York City, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, and Washington DC, along with London, Paris, Beijing, and Taipei, the site also includes price points to match. Next on the horizon are listings for Abu Dhabi, Chicago, and Miami.