Rancho La Puerta To Offer Two Family Weeks in August

For me, Rancho La Puerta (Tecate, Mexico) has always been about family. I’ve been lucky enough to have been a guest there several times, and each time, I’ve been accompanied by at least one member of my family. My mother has joined me three times, and my dad came with us the last time. While visiting The Ranch as a family has always been an option for those of us who are kids at heart, this summer, the destination spa is offering two dedicated family weeks, where parents are welcome to bring their younger children.

The new 2012 program, scheduled for Aug. 4 to 11 and Aug. 11 to 18, weaves together classic summer camp-style activities with unique learning experiences, such as creating a character from imagination and developing a story for animation; drawing; jewelry making; Brazilian drumming; learning extraordinary hula hoop skills; and yoga. Children will harvest from the abundant summer garden, gather eggs, and learn cooking skills. The Ranch’s culinary center, La Cocina Que Canta, will offer kid-friendly recipes for delicious, nutritious meals and snacks. Physical activities will include water polo and water volleyball, hiking, and tennis. Evenings after dinner can be spent enjoying a rich variety of entertaining performances, games, and talks. 

Summer Family Weeks will accommodate children seven years of age and older. The daily program will be tailored to four age groups: 7-11, 11-14, 14-17, and adults. Parents can join their children in many programs or opt to partake of the Ranch’s usual complete selection of adults-only classes. Meals will be “family time,” and plenty of other free time has been planned for families to explore, rest, swim, and have new experiences together. In addition, guests 14 and older can participate in all “adults-only” fitness classes in the regular program, from mountain hiking to Pilates, cardio boxing to circuit training.

Visit www.rancholapuerta.com for details. And who knows, you might see me there—I don't think I’ll have much trouble convincing my parents to return with me to the Ranch for some good old Keller Family fun!