Researchers continue to develop more effective delivery systems to enhance the permeability of topically applied products. From transdermal patches to high tech methods of improving skin care product's ability to be absorbed by the skin, new delivery methods are the next frontier beyond products and ingredients

Some companies, such as Osmotics of Denver, depend on transdermal patches to allow vitamin C to soak directly into the skin. Other companies surround the antioxidants in their products with a protective coating that doesn't release the vitamins until they are deep in the epidermis. Canadian pharmaceutical researcher Ben Kamins, founder of the spa skincare line B. Kamins encapsulates alpha-tocopherol in tiny little sacks of sugar molecules that are activated by body heat.

SESHA's patented Permeation Enhancement Technology (P.E.T. TM) is an advanced delivery system developed by Dr. Dean Hsieh, a pharmaceutical scientist graduated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, founder of the Conrex Pharmaceutical Corporation - the parent company of SESHA Nutraceuticals. Ingredients are delivered "through the stratum corneum to deeper growing layers of the skin, combined with formulas containing potent antioxidants and skin-building." Conrex has patented this technology for skincare in US and 21 countries.

The retail segment is jumping on the "delivery bandwagon as well. Estee Lauder is using 'photosomes,' which pop open only when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, in its Re-Nutriv Lifting Serum (available in November). Lancome's Primordiale Yeux, has "nanocapsules that delivers active vitamin E "into the deepest layers of the epidermis.