3 Proven Anti-Aging Benefits of Meditation


What if you could tell your clients all they had to do was inhale and exhale and they would see their own beauty blossom and years stripped away. Maybe the effects aren't quite that instantaneous, but a growing body of research reveals the beauty and anti-aging powers of meditation. New research shows that regular meditation can fundamentally change how your brain and body functions, which both affect how the skin looks and reacts. 

Pause Fight-Flight Response: Harvard University investigators found that eight weeks of regular meditation can change the brain structurally. In that time, the area of the brain that helps control learning and memory increase and the parts of the brain responsibile for anxiety and stress diminished.

Youthful Mind: A UCLA study showed experienced meditators better retain their gray matter as they age than those who don't meditate. This decline starts as young as the 20s, so meditation helps keep the mind young.

Beauty Boost: A daily 10-minute meditation practice may have significant effects on how the brain perceives and responds to stress, which directly affects the skin's appearance. According to a New York dermatologist, stress leads to inflammation all over hte body, so less stress means clearer, calmer skin.

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