7 Doctor-Approved Tips for Getting Rid of Holiday Hangover Face

Help your clients look and feel their best this holiday season with these tips // Photo via Shutterstock

'Tis the season to be jolly. Your clients are likely flocking to you after a little too much indulgence, begging for you to perform your skincare magic. Manish Shah, M.D., is sharing some tips on how to leave your clients looking fresher than ever, even if when they feel a little overstuffed.

1. Remove your makeup the night before

This is tough for some clients. If they come home after a late-night holiday party, removing their makeup is probably the last thing on their mind. Remind clients if they can manage to do it, they’re one step ahead of the game. If going to the sink is too much effort, even just swiping the skin clean with a makeup remover or towelette is better than nothing.  Lots of these wipes easily remove makeup and help nourish the skin with purified water, or come infused with aloe, vitamins B and E, and other materials that cool on contact to soothe and moisturize skin.


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2. Hydrate

The number one thing alcohol does is dehydrate the entire body, including your skin. “When skin is dehydrated it looks sallow, fine lines are more noticeable, and pores become obvious,” says Shah. Dehydration is the main reason skin looks terrible when we wake up. While drinking water is wise, the effects of that internal hydration won't immediately show up externally, says Shah. For a quick fix, he suggests a sheet mask that contains hyaluronic acid, a molecule that draws moisture to the skin.

3. Put Your Face on Ice

Skin redness can be caused by alcohol dilating the blood vessels. One way to reduce this is to put a cold compress on the affected area for a few minutes. But be warned, extended periods of drinking can cause permanent redness and skin damage.

4. Jade Rollers or Massage

Handheld tools such as jade rollers, or even just finger massage, energize and lift the skin by promoting lymphatic drainage (or de-puffing). For an added bonus, try putting your jade roller in the freezer to reduce redness, as mentioned above.

5. De-Puff the Eyes

“After a night or two of drinking, the eyes become bloodshot because tiny blood vessels on the eye surface become red and inflamed,” explains Shah. Also, the diuretic effects of alcohol can lead to dehydration, which tells your body to hold onto more water weight. That fluid retention also prompts next-day puffiness.

Tell clients to purchase some under eye masks, and if they don’t have something like that, they can substitute chamomile tea at home. First, steep the tea bags in hot water, then take them out until they cool, and put one on each eye for 10 minutes.

6. Exfoliate

When your client’s skin is feeling overworked Shah recommends suggesting a good but gentle scrub. "Exfoliate off sallow, alcohol-damaged skin cells. You do not need to break the bank to do this. Scrubs can even be made at home.”

7. Seal the Skin With A Spritz—And Not Champagne

After you have done all of the “damage control” you can give you face a final spritz of moisture with a hydrating spray. Many of these sprays are energizing and packed with skin-brightening nutrients derived from citrus fruit, or a blend of magnesium and zinc, to help snap sleep-deprived and hungover skin into shape.

Shah cautions that however you indulge this holiday season, be sure to do so responsibly.


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