8 Tips For Promoting Summer Nail Services

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It’s not hard to convince clients to splurge on a manicure and pedicure, especially during the summer, but fun promotions and incentives are a sure way to get them in the door and in the nail chair. Here’s a look at some ideas for promoting summer nail services and making clients an offer they can’t refuse:

  • VB Cosmetics's Vivian Valenty, Ph.D., suggests creating a signature refreshing nonalcoholic drink and serving it in a spa-branded mug for guests to take home.
  • Offer special deals on slow days. Paint Nail Bar (Sarasota, FL), for example, offers clients complimentary nail art or a French manicure upgrade on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which are typically slower for the spa. 
  • Offer summer-themed manicures and pedicures, such as a citrus service that includes a citrus soak, a citrus scrub, citrus essential oils, and a citrus-based lotion. To further enhance this service, Tamera Pierce-Marquez of Amber Products suggests using fresh fruit slices in the pedicure tub and manicure bowls and offering citrus beverages and snacks.
  • Tie in social media by offering anyone who “shares” a promotion on Instagram or Facebook a small discount. “The more that people are talking about your salon or spa on social media, the better,” says Londontown's Liliana Pennington. “They come in, show the post, and then receive the discount.”
  • Combine nail treatments with other services at the spa, such as offering a manicure or pedicure while a client’s hair color is processing, or a foot treatment add-on to clients receiving a facial at the spa. At Lacquer Lounge (Philadelphia) , for example, clients can enjoy a complimentary hand-mask treatment when a Detox Pedi is booked during the summer. 
  • Offer a selection of travel-size products to clients who receive a manicure or a pedicure and explain the benefits of the products. This will encourage them to purchase a full-size version the next time they visit.
  • Put together a summer nail art menu with several signature designs that have been perfected by the nail technicians and promote them to clients as add-on services. 
  • Catherine Baek, director of global education and product testing at Orly and SpaRitual, suggests offering clients a free retail product with every purchase of a manicure and pedicure gift card.  

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