Benefits of Cruelty-Free Products

makeup application

A considerable amount of research and planning goes into selecting the products your spa uses in treatments and offers for retail sale. When we learned about a product-line update at Well Spa + Salon at The Pfister Hotel (Milwaukee), we reached out to learn more. The award-winning spa recently introduced two all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free lines. According to the Humane Society International between 100,000 and 200,000 animals suffer and die for cosmetic purposes annually. If that number is of any concern to you, check out more on the benefits of cruelty-free beauty products and why spa director Elizabeth Walsh-Zimmermann opted for Glō Minerals and SpaRitual. "We are very proud to provide a selection of cruelty free products & services," she says. "Compassion, whether conscious or not, is a fundamental reason we support and honor SpaRitual and Glō Minerals products and services. One does not have to be vegan or vegetarian in order to show compassion towards the cruelty-free cause—all it takes is supporting and experiencing cruelty-free products."

How are the products tested?

As cruelty-free products, Glō Minerals and SpaRitual are not tested on animals, do not use ingredients tested on animals, and don’t sell into markets that require animal testing. Specifically, Glō Minerals also participates in PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Program, which works to eliminate cosmetic product testing on animals. Instead of using animals to test beauty products, these product lines use more humane and conscious tests to ensure the highest quality product is provided to customers. And, because these products use all-natural ingredients that are talc- and paraben-free, these products are already safer for customers.

What are the health benefits of using these products?

The wonderful thing is cruelty-free and vegan product lines are better for both your skin and the environment! When you are not putting processed elements on and into your body, it ultimately is better for your overall wellbeing.

Do you recommend switching to cruelty-free products?

We’ve chosen to use cruelty free and vegan products to help naturally enhance our guests’ experience, and because we value these companies’ environmentally and socially conscious work. However, switching to cruelty free products is a personal preference for each spa.

How do you incorporate those products in its spa treatments?

Well Spa + Salon uses these all-natural products in numerous packages both in the spa and the salon. Each month, we feature a SpaRitual Pedicure and our highly trained professionals use Glō minerals makeup for all traditional makeup applications, using the uniquely formatted makeup system to flawlessly complement the skin’s natural tones.