Comprehensive Radiofrequency Facial

There once was a time when clients had to whittle their concerns down to just one problem they wanted to correct when choosing a facial. While some treatments are still that focused, many spas are offering a mix-and-match approach with ingredients and technology to target and improve multiple trouble spots. The boutique spa KUR Skin Lab (New York City) packs a full-size spa worth of pampering into a small space, and it does the same with each treatment. Here, the estheticians follow a philosophy of “Healthy skin is beautiful skin,” and they customize services to make that a reality for each guest. The RF Skin Tightening ($195, 75 minutes) is a perfect example of the philosophy in action. This powerful facial begins with a double cleanse with a creamy cleanser to calm and prep skin for the radiofrequency (RF). During this time, the esthetician also makes observations about the skin’s condition and determines the strength of RF it can handle. Next the RF is administered around the face, focusing on areas with visible sagging and wrinkles (like the jowls and around the eye area). Constantly moving the device around, the strength can be adjusted as needed for more sensitive areas. After a full session of RF, the skin is calmed back down with a customized cocktail of PCA Skin serums sealed in with a chamomile mask. The full-service facial also includes lymphatic drainage massage and extractions as needed to leaving skin clear, plump, and glowing. During Spa Week (April 17 to 23), an abbreviated version of this facial is available for the $50 deal so clients unfamiliar with RF can try it risk-free, and get hooked.