Emerging Technology In Sunless-Tanning

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Sunless-tanning technology has come a long way from the days of streaky, smelly, and orange-hued color application. Today, most sunless-tanning formulas leave clients with a radiant glow in minutes and with a color that is longer-lasting and more natural than ever. From faster applications and drying times to more color options and methods, the newest sunless-tanning technology is helping to make this service one of the fastest-growing in the beauty and spa industry. Here’s a look at some of the newest technology trends in sunless tanning:

Rapid or One-Hour Tanning Formulas. Rapid tans continue to gain popularity, because they allow the client to shower within one to three hours of application versus the traditional eight hours. “When you increase the level of the active ingredient, you can shower earlier,” says Julie Nostrand, owner of South Seas Skin Care. “The tan still takes several hours to show up, but the benefit is that you can rinse and sleep in your bed without getting bronzer on the sheets.”

Organic Formulas. Healthier and more natural options that still provide great results, like Vita Liberata’s organic sunless-tanning formula, offer an even bigger incentive for clients. “We are very proud of our natural color technology, which delivers bespoke color to your client by activating all the coloring amino acids in perfect combination, and it is organic and totally safe,” says Alyson Hogg, founder and CEO of Vita Liberata.

Micro-Technology. Micro-technology involves the use of computer technology for the atomization of fluids to a very fine particle size. “It helps to create a more flawless spray and requires less solution to cover an entire body,” says Infinity Sun’s Veronique Munro

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