Experts Share the Must-Have Polish Colors of the Summer

NinaMalyna/iStock/Getty Images

Find out what the experts say are the must-have colors this summer.

“Bright colors are always on trend for the summer, like hot pinks, turquoise, and corals. Mauve is also having a moment, and you will see it go into the summer months as well.”—Liliana Pennington, director of education, Londontown USA

“Vivid, bold shades, and modern nudes—there’s a shade for every personality. My summer collection evokes a sense of wanderlust and is inspired by exotic cultures and fabrics, so there’s bright pink and orange but also a stunning rose gold and sandy nude.”—Deborah Lippmann, founder and creative director, Deborah Lippmann

“Starting the season with pastels and soft white-diluted shades will be a hot trend. Greys will give the edgy-touch this season, along with subtle greens.”—Alexandra Falba, lead nail technician, OPI

“This year, summer color trends are across the board. From my research and my client input, the top five color categories are pale pinks/neutrals, dark frosted purples, glittery tans/golds, bright pinks, and orange reds.” —Tamera Pierce-Marquez, nail technician and national educator, Amber Products

“The traditional bright colors of summer will continue to be the favorites, but nudes share the limelight. Emerald green as Pantone’s color of the year 2017 will be on trend.”—Vivian Valenty, Ph.D., president, VB Cosmetics

“Pastels for summer 2017? The answer is Oui Oui Mon Cheri! Iridescent sugar white is always nice, while a pop of candy red will turn a lot of heads.”—Gino Trunzo, assistant vice president of education, Essie Professional 

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