Eyebrow Expert Malynda Vigliotti Addresses Waxing Rumors

Maintaining perfectly shaped eyebrows can be a breeze, but before they can be perfectly shaped, there has to be something to shape. Malynda Vigliotti (also known as Boom Boom), owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, sets the record straight on common rumors about eyebrow waxing.

True or False: Hair grows back thicker and darker after waxing.

False! Repeated waxing actually reduces the amount of hair that grows back, and after a while, follicles stop producing hair altogether. Hair also appears thinner because it does not have the blunt edge that threading/shaving can leave.

True or False: Never wax above the brow.

False! Anywhere hair grows around the brow is fair game and fine-tuning the area above the brow is actually the key to shaping a beautiful arch.

True or False: Waxing is bad for skin.

False! Waxing is actually the gentlest form of hair removal because the warm wax softens skin and follicles so hair can be removed from the base/bulb. A good wax, like Boom Boom’s Flash Wax, contains moisturizers and healing properties for an even smoother experience, even on sensitive skin.

Do you agree with Vigliotti?