Five Important Tips on Keeping Client's Skin Hydrated This Winter

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Dry, dehydrated skin often affects clients in the winter months, leaving them feeling frustrated and, dare we say, Scrooge-like. However, the right cosmetics and skincare regimen can keep dry, flakey skin at bay. Here are some quick tips on how to avoid it.  

“To avoid dry skin, be sure to encourage clients to hydrate their lips every day and choose the right lip formula for winter. Also, pass on using face powder and choose liquid/creamy makeup formulas.”
—Alicia Grande, CEO, Grande Cosmetics

“It’s essential to always drink water and cut down on caffeine, which can be very dehydrating. Also, hydrating the skin with the Osmosis Mineral Hydration mist can increase hydration for the skin and plump it up with moisture.”
—Alejandro Falcon, artistic director and corporate educator, Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare


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“Never wear makeup without the right hydration, and exfoliate two to three times a week to remove dry patches of dead skin and enable moisture to optimally penetrate. That is what creates the perfect cushion for makeup to glide onto. Avoid thick makeup formulas necessitating powder to be set. Powder renders a dry look on skin, which never looks fresh, especially in the winter.”
—Sebastien Tardif, pro artist and creator, Veil Cosmetics

“As with skin all year round, clients should be moisturizing twice a day as well as using a light exfoliator at least once a week. They should also use a hydrating spray throughout the day on top of their makeup to both set and lock in moisture.”
—Natalie Soto-Carlisle, global educator, Jane Iredale

“The colder winter air can not only zap the skin of hydration, but also leave the skin more vulnerable to UV rays. As such, cosmetics that deliver antioxidant and hydrating support, along with sun protection, will help clients avoid over drying while providing good coverage.”
—Rhonda Allison, founder and CEO, Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals 


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