Five Ways to Market Masks

Photography: Alisha Whitley

Whether you're trying to get new clients, or want current clients to become repeats, masks are a great way to lure in clientele. Masks have become an affordable and customizable add-on or take-home product that spas across the country are benefitting from, in terms of client retention and retail sales. Once you've found your favorite masks that you want to offer your clients, here are five tips you can try to get your clients hooked, too:

  1. Get Handsy: “Allow clients to experience your masks in your retail area,” says Melanie Timms, director of marketing innovation and education for CBI Laboratories. “Create an interactive mask bar with display testers so that clients can touch and feel the various masks your spa retails.” 
  2. Make It Personal: “We have a great program called Face Facts that gives prescriptions for all skin types and conditions,” says Karen Asquith, national director of education for G.M. Collin. “The consumer simply has their skin analyzed by their esthetician and receives a customized masking protocol to perfectly suit their needs.”
  3. Think Seasonal: “Offer new masks in a featured seasonal facial,” says Krista Eichten, senior vice president of products and service for Sanitas. “Special pricing on masks purchased in conjunction with this seasonal facial gives the esthetician the power to offer homecare options at a value, thus boosting the average revenue per service as well as overall retail sales. This also helps guests maintain professional results at home in between appointments.”
  4. Stop Them In Their Tracks: “Featuring masks throughout the spa is essential,” says Eminence Organic Skin Care’s Brian Goodwin. “Creating ‘points of interruption’—such as a table with clinical studies, before-and-after pictures, and a tester of the mask you’re trying to sell—makes the client stop and explore more products. Based on retail rules of thumb, the client needs this point of interruption as well as product-specific marketing materials at least five to seven times throughout the spa.”
  5. Provide Something For Nothing: “Use free samples from vendors and offer the new mask as a complimentary upgrade to your standard or signature treatment in order to build excitement and demand, create fun value-add promotions that include the mask, or put together a free sampler kit in a cute cosmetic or organza bag,” says Pevonia’s Christian Jurist, M.D. “Be sure to explain how to use the product for best results—how to apply, what quantity to use, how long to leave on the skin, how to remove, and what products follow.”


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