Holiday Makeup Tricks

Many clients are looking to up-the-ante with their beauty routines for holiday parties. Celebrity brow specialist, Elke Von Freudenberg offered a variety of on-trend makeup tips to add a bit of glam this holiday season for your clients. She says, "The holidays are the perfect time to experiment a little, and make makeup look ultra glamorous and elegant.  Think color, shine or statement, but not all three.”

  • Think color, as in a matte red lip.
  • Try shine, as in a shimmering eye shadow, or glittery lip-gloss.
  • Go statement with a bold trend, as in the elegant but dramatic eyeliner look.
  • Want to be a little more bold? Try two out of the three but in the same place, like a statement eye, black or smoky, but a shine or glittery highlighter on the cheekbones. Or a colorful cheek and a glittery eye shadow.

What beauty tips are you excited to share with your clients this holiday season?

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