How One Indie Beauty Brand Used its CBD Products to Create Successful Partnerships

Photo courtesy of Crave Skincare

Tapping into a growing trend, Crave Skincare relies on a hemp-derived CBD extract. Founder Janet Schriever created the plant-based beauty line as a result of wanting to find a soothing solution for her rosacea and highly reactive skin. With the growth of cannabis-friendly establishments and demand for cannabis-based products growing, the timing couldn’t have been better. Schriever first partnered with Entourage Clinical Services (Mundelein and West Dundee, IL). “I have had the longest relationship with them, because they were an obvious fit and early adopters of the CBD trend,” says Schriever. More recently, she has teamed up with Renovus Medical Spa (Johnson City, TN) and Renaissance Beauty (Wilton, CT).

What are some of the benefits of working with the spas?

When I started the business, I was not really thinking about Crave as a spa brand. I was thinking retail. One of the owners of Entourage is an esthetician, and she has been great about showing me how she is using the products in her practice, such as using the Oil Cleanser under steam and using the serums with facial cupping. Consequently, I am just finishing a program to get my esthetics license, so I will have a better understanding of the products that I need to create moving forward.”—Janet Schriever, founder, Crave Skincare

What are some of the unique ways you work together?

“Janet has been helpful identifying our needs and taking feedback. It’s been unique and refreshing to have an open line of communication with the person producing our products. It’s also allowed us additional opportunities to collaborate through social media, giveaways, and in-spa promotions.”—Kalee Hooghkirk, founder, Entourage Clinical Services


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“When we are able to educate clients on something new in the industry, it’s extremely fulfilling to us. We host events monthly at the spa to focus on educating clients. These are always a lot of fun. We encourage our clients to bring friends with them, and it’s a great way for us to get new clients in the door. Crave has supported us so that guests get to touch, smell, and sample the products. We are now using the products in the treatment room and working on plant-based facial protocols. Our clients count on us to stay up to date on new products and procedures, so this is an extremely exciting time for us as the buzz around CBD continues to grow.”—Meghan Carter, esthetician, Renovus Medical Spa

What are some of the benefits of working with an indie brand?

“Our goal is to advocate the daily uses of hemp beyond palliative care, and partnering with a cosmetic company like Crave helps to effectively strengthen that message. It was challenging at first to identify products we believe merged our understanding of cosmetics and quality hemp-based CBD. Finding brands with the right synergy was difficult, but working with Janet has allowed us to remain competitive and innovative without compromising the feel of luxury skincare. We appreciate working with small-batch brands like Crave that offer open communication, consistency, and conscious ingredients.”—Hooghkirk

“Working with a brand that was built on integrity means a lot to us as a small business, because we share those same values. Communicating directly with the founder herself has to be the best part about working with Crave. It has opened the door for us in the indie brand world, and we have high hopes for the future.”—Carter


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