Men's Cosmetics Market Booms

My dear friend Michael Bruggeman, founder and president of Organic Male OM4, has always been a proponent of men’s skincare. In fact, we recently had dinner together and talked about how the market for men’s skincare has grown and changed. So when he passed along an article from the Los Angeles Times, “Market booms for men's cosmetics — but don't call it makeup,” I was glad to see that our conversation was spot-on.

According to the article, “Retailers are seeing a booming market in cosmetics and skincare for men. But they face one big challenge — most guys are squeamish about products that seem too feminine. So skincare firms have come up with a variety of products with creatively masculine names, packaged in cigar boxes and containers mimicking liquor bottles.”

Are you capitalizing on men’s skincare with specially targeted products? If so, what is working for you, and what is not? And if you are looking for another way to cash in on men’s services, don’t miss our July story on male waxing services, “A Hairy Proposition,” to discover how many spas are cashing in on the increasingly popular male grooming trend.