Nufabrx Combats Maskne with Shea Butter-Infused Face Mask

Soliscia by Nufabrx masks are infused with shea butter and copper. // Photo credit: Nufabrx

Frequent face mask usage often comes with chafing, irritated skin, which often results in redness, rashes, and acne. While most skincare-related remedies are administered while the coverings are off, biomaterials manufacturer Nufabrx promises a new solution: a shea-butter infused, copper-powered face mask. Called Soliscia by Nufabrx, the mask is thoroughly infused with shea butter, which is renowned for its intensely hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, the mask contains copper, which is known for its antibacterial effect, providing a healthier environment for the skin underneath. Soliscia masks are reusable and machine washable and are currently available for purchase for $29.99 on Nufabrx’s website, as well as at dermatology offices Blackhawk Plastic Surgery and Medspa, Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery, and Charlotte Plastic Surgery.


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