Prescription for Success

I recently attended the 16th Annual International Congress for Salon and Spa Professionals hosted by Repêchage in New York City to check out the professional skincare line's new products, which were fantastic, but what stood out to me was listening to the afternoon  inspirational speakers. Winn Claybaugh, founder and co-owner of Paul Mitchell the School spoke about a caring culture; Angela Noviello, director of the esthetics division at Milano Estetica Cos­metic Surgery & Medical Spa and Italian director and national educator of Oncology Esthetics covered the importance of skincare for oncology patients; and Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO at Repêchage discussed the science behind seaweed in skincare. Here's a few takeaways from Claybaugh that are especially meaningful for those managing a spa business:

  • Leadership is influence over another human being no matter what your role. That influence should be used wisely.
  • To create a safe, loving culture at work those in charge must inspire, empower, and have a servant's heart.
  • Employees join a company not just for the job, but to have something to belong to, which inspires loyalty.
  • When facing a problem you have the choice to be bitter or better.

How do you foster a positive environment for employees at your spa?


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