The Scary Reason You Need to Check The Source of Your Cosmetic Ingredients

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Want to make sure your clients’ makeup is nourishing the skin and providing the results they want? Then, it’s important to pay close attention to the ingredients they contain and where they originate. Here, our experts reveal why sourcing plays such a key role in today’s cosmetics. 

  • “Pesticide residue is everywhere including glyphosate, which has been linked to numerous health issues and a very recent court settlement. Plastic microbeads from cosmetics have weighed down the fish in the Great Lakes. Synthetic fragrance has been linked to endocrine disruption, which can increase the rate of cancer. Humans can’t keep damaging our environment and putting human health at risk. There is a better way through organic farming that nurtures the soil, provides healthy and high antioxidant crops, doesn’t hurt water runoff, and is better for farm workers.”—Karen Behnke, founder, Juice Beauty
  • “Because ingredients can’t just sound healthy, they have to be healthy, and ‘natural’ doesn’t mean healthy. Is growing minerals in a laboratory natural? No, but is it better? Absolutely, considering that when you mine some minerals from the ground, you can end up with things you don’t want in them like heavy metals.”—Shawn Towne, global educator, Jane Iredale
  • “Product integrity and transparency is a matter of business ethics, and consumers are scrutinizing ingredients: their benefits, performance, and potential harmfulness, as well they should.”—Regis Haberkorn, president, Priori Skincare
  • “There are so many ways to grow ingredients, such as organic versus conventional, which uses pesticides, fungicides, and more. Attention to how an ingredient is processed, such as hydrogenation or even hexane extraction, which isn’t favorable, are all extremely important factors to understand and consider.”—Rose Marie Swift, founder and celebrity makeup artist, RMS Beauty


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