The Secret Ingredient One Brand is Using to Boost Its Products—And Your Skin

After a frightening diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma, industry veteran and skincare maven Karen Ballou knew she wanted to do something meaningful with her time once she was feeling better. Enter: Immunocologie. Ballou, founder and CEO of the natural skincare brand, had been working with French green clay during her illness and come to know the effectiveness of the powerful and historic ingredient first-hand. It offers a host of mineral rich compounds that are also found in the human body, and are known for extracting impurities, detoxifying and reducing free radical activity, visibly reducing pore size, and most importantly, providing essential nourishment to the skin. "It is the ideal skin wellness treatment," says Ballou. "Which is why we use it in every Immunocologie product."

American Spa's executive editor Heather Mikesell met with Ballou at the inaugural Spatec by American Spa event at JW Marriott Miami earlier this year, where Mikesell got to experience the effects of Immunocologie's green clay first hand. Check out the video below for more info on French green clay, how it works, and why it's included in all of Immunocologie's new products, including the Vital Clay Mask, Vital Clay Water, and more.


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